According to Egyptian authorities, the spectacular traffic jams of 400 vessels caused by the previous blockage of the Suez Canal have been resolved.

Suez Canal given so far

Photographers will take pictures of ships navigating the Suez Canal when traffic resumes after the Evergreen Marine Corporation-operated “Evergiven” container ship has been released after blocking the waterway for almost a week. Getty Images Hassan / Photo Alliance Remarks

  • The backlog of shipments of more than 400 vessels was due to Evergiven blocking the Suez Canal.

  • The 61 ships that remain stranded will pass through the waterways on Saturday.

  • The world’s largest shipping company warned that the problems caused by the blockage could take months to resolve.

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The· Shipping backlog Authorities said that what had accumulated after the Evergiven container ship anchored at the Suez Canal should end on Saturday. Reuters..

Osama Rabbie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, said the remaining 61 of the 422 stranded after a major blockage are expected to soon pass through the waterways.

He added that a total of about 85 ships will pass through the canal on Saturday.

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Last Monday, an Egyptian presidential adviser for canal authorities said Bloomberg It can take “about a week” for all ships to leave the canal corridor.

If the remaining vessels successfully pass through the waterway on Saturday, the end of the backlog will exceed expectations in a few days.

But the reopening of the canal will not mark the end of the turmoil.

Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company Warning on monday It can take months to resolve the shipping issues caused by Evergiven, Insider Cinade Baker report.

“Even when the canal is reopened, the spillover effect on world capacity and equipment is significant, and blockages have already caused a series of further disruptions and unprocessed world shipping, and numbers to unravel. It can take weeks or even months, “Maersk said.

1,300 feet Given so far The container ship anchored for about 152 hours and the total cost of blockage reached an estimate $ 60 billion..

Rabies told local television stations that an investigation into the cause of the expensive jam is underway and will reach a conclusion next week, Reuters reported.

“The investigation is going well and it will take another two days, after which we will announce the results,” said Rabies.

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