According to EU regulators, Meta is still subject to consumer proceedings for data protection regulation violations.

On October 28, 2021, pedestrians walk in front of the new “Meta” logo in front of Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

The European Union Supreme Court has stated that Meta Platforms Inc. is still subject to consumer group proceedings for possible violations of data protection rules, Bloomberg reports.

In a dispute between the German Consumer Organization Federation and Meta Facebook, the German Supreme Court sought EU court guidance on whether a proceeding to protect consumers from Big Tech is still possible under the GDPR. ..

The EU Court of Justice has revealed that EU data protection regulations do not preclude “domestic law that allows consumer protection associations to take legal proceedings.”

Under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, the Data Watchdog has been fined 4% of a company’s annual sales. According to Bloomberg, the new rule will allow regulatory agencies to monitor violations and investigate complaints.

EU regulators have fined Meta’s WhatsApp for € 225 million ($ 266 million) for failing to disclose how to share data with its parent company.

Anusya Rahiri

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