According to experts, Biden’s decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan would disrupt the government.

Former White House adviser Richard Clark said that President Biden’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September 11 is “highly likely” to result in the collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban’s takeover of the country. Said there is.

“This is a very courageous move and won’t be politically great for him,” Clark said in an interview with Yahoo News’ Skull Duggery podcast. “There may have been a scene of the fall of Saigon, with the government likely to collapse. The famous iconic image of a helicopter on the roof of the US Embassy has taken off. The last people in it. It can happen. “

Clark’s comments are particularly noteworthy as he served as the White House’s premier anti-terrorist official under President Bill Clinton when the Taliban government in Kabul began providing al-Qaeda as a safe haven. .. Later, when the United States invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he temporarily held the same position under President George W. Bush. Clark initially urged US military intervention in the country to expel al-Qaeda during President Clinton’s term, and then supported the US invasion ordered by Bush.

But he believes that America’s mission in that country has changed to something very different from what he had imagined.

“What I had in mind was that there was a military base in al-Qaeda, so I would go there and clean the camp,” Clark said. You find camps, find units and destroy them. You can find and kill as many leaders as you can. You destroy their infrastructure. It then leaves or withdraws from the areas controlled by the Northern Alliance. “—A northern-based tribal army that was fighting al-Qaeda at the time. “But the idea of ​​staying there, running cities, running roads, connecting cities, creating and supporting governments was overkill.”

U.S. soldiers

A US soldier in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in June 2011. (Baz Ratner / Reuters)

Clark acknowledged Biden’s credit for biting the bullet and doing what his predecessor did not. “He did it because he thought it was right. He did it because someone had to do it in the end,” Clark said. “And he said,” Hey, look, the former president told me this, and about his old boss Obama, and certainly a little Trump, the emperor didn’t have the courage to say he had no clothes. And I think there was an implicit criticism that we had no way to do this job. “

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But Clark added that the outcome of the withdrawal could be “potentially terrible.” He added: Woman, returned to the 14th century. All the benefits that society has achieved can be lost. And that would be terrible.

“But the question Biden had to face was what is the cost of continuing to support the Kabul administration in the US military?” Clark said. “In the end, I think you have to ask yourself. Is this something everyone can do and can it ever be done?

“Americans tend to believe that they can solve all problems. And when you’re dealing with a place like Afghanistan, I think you have to think differently. Alexander the Great does that. The British couldn’t do it. The Red Army couldn’t do it. I don’t think anyone can do it? That Afghanistan is essentially uncontrollable. “


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