According to experts, Mr. Trump’s enthusiastic speech in Texas may have deepened his legal problems.

Donald Trump’s call to prepare a large-scale prosecution against “radical and vicious racist prosecutors” at a Texas rally constitutes a judicial obstruction and other crimes, legally Trump. A former federal prosecutor said it could backfire.

Trump’s thorny attack was seen as opposed to separate federal and state investigations into the 2020 election results and his efforts to overthrow his real estate empire.

The prosecutor should “do something wrong or illegal” by criminal accusation of him for his efforts to overturn Joe Biden’s 2020 victory, or for business tax fraud. Trump’s anger that his followers should launch the “biggest protest” in three cities so far came on January 30th at a rally in Texas, where elections were fraudulent. I repeated the falsehood.

Legal experts charged him with attacking the Capitol on January 6, last year, hoping to prevent Congress from accrediting Biden if Mr. Trump ran for the second term in 2024. I was surprised at the strong hint of forgiving many of the victims.

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Former Richard Nixon’s White House adviser John Dean attacked Trump’s story about a pardon to the mob. “The dictator’s” “Not confronting the tyrant only encourages bad behavior,” he stressed.

In summary, veteran prosecutors say Trump’s comments seem to reveal that the former president is now feeling more legal danger from three investigations in Atlanta, Washington and New York. I am.

Mr. Trump’s anxiety was especially apparent when he urged his supporters to stage “the biggest protest ever in Washington, DC, New York, Atlanta, etc.” at a Texas rally. It raises more legal issues for the former president.

Former federal prosecutor Dennis Aftergut, an adviser to an American democracy lawyer, told Guardian Trump that he “may have shot his foot.” “It can be difficult to prove the intent of a crime, but it’s easy to say that potential defendants are likely to intimidate or intimidate those investigating the case. “Aftergut said.

Aftergut said, “After declaring his support for the rebels, Trump charged him on January 6 for supporting the instigating plot or interfering with the official proceedings of Congress. Added evidence of corrupt intent. “

Similarly, former Georgia lawyer Michael Moore said Trump’s comments “may threaten grand jury witnesses” and prevent witnesses from witnessing in front of the grand jury. He said it was a felony in Georgia.

Trump “essentially seeks vigilant justice against the judicial system. He is not interested in pursuing justice, but is interested in blocking investigations,” Moore added.

The outburst of Trump’s anger arose as three investigations by prosecutors that could lead to prosecution against Trump or top associates appeared to have gained momentum last month.

For example, a special grand jury was approved in Atlanta, and Trump called on Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rafence Purger on January 2nd last year to vote enough to prevent Joe Biden from winning Georgia. I asked you to “find”. Over 11,700 votes.

In response to Mr. Trump’s massive protest, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is leading the criminal investigation, threatens the FBI to protect her office and a grand jury scheduled to meet in May. Requested an evaluation.

Last month, the Justice Department’s chief executive revealed that DOJ was investigating fake voter certificates declaring Trump the winner in some of the states he lost. To Trump’s regret, Pence rejected the plan..

In addition, the New York Attorney General said in a court document last month that he found evidence that Trump’s real estate business used “fraudulent or misleading” asset valuations to obtain loans and tax incentives. rice field.

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Former prosecutors say Trump’s Texas comments are dangerous and could legally become boomerangs, as prosecutors appear to have new momentum.

“Our criminal law aims to hold people accountable for their deliberate actions,” said Paul Peltier, a former deputy director of the Department of Justice’s fraud department. “History that has driven the Trump people into violence shows that his recent remarks are likely to cause confusion in pending investigations into him and his family.”

“If his actions actually interfere with any of these investigations, federal and state obstruction laws could easily exacerbate Mr. Trump’s criminal exposure,” Peltier added.

Mr. Trump’s remarks resonated especially in Georgia, with former prosecutors saying he could now face new legal issues.

Former prosecutor Aftergut said he understood the threat when Willis immediately asked the FBI to provide protection in court, and it would have an immediate impact on the deputy DA working on the case. Energize them in carrying out the case. “

Similarly, former ambassador Nome Eisen and co-chair of the U.S. Democracy Center said that when prosecutors in Atlanta, New York, and Washington charged him, Trump’s protest call was “certainly barely obscured violence. Sounds like a call to. This is especially true of how the last rebel crowd was abused and not wrong, when combined with his other statements at a Texas rally. “

In addition, Congressman Liz Cheney, co-chair of the House Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol by Trump followers, said he encouraged Trump’s amnesty talk and new protests. If I get the chance, I’ll do everything again. “

On another legal side, Aftergut pointed out that some Trump comments at the rally may help DOJ prosecutors expand their investigation. “Trump handed another gift to the federal prosecutor when Mike Pence said he should have overturned the election. “

Some veteran consultants say Trump’s recent attacks on the prosecutor show that he’s getting more nervous because the investigation seems to be hotter.

“The attack by Mr. Trump’s prosecutor has diminished to a wide range of Republican voters,” said Chuck Cofflin, a Republican consultant in Arizona. This is another iteration of Trump’s attack on the government. “

From a broader perspective, Moore emphasized that Trump’s multiple attacks on the legal system at the Texas rally “represented just another erosion of the norms of civilized society by Trump.” The truth lags behind trumpism. “