According to experts, short-nosed, bug-eyed dogs deepen their ties with their owners.This is the reason

There is a reason why there is love at first sight between people and dogs with bug eyes like pugs and French bulldogs. Like relationships, it’s all in eye contact. However, some dogs can engage in it more easily than others.

According to a new study in Hungary, it blames the size of the nose.

A study of 125 domestic dogs found that short-headed, pointed-nosed dogs could pay more attention to people, be more sociable, and interact more easily due to the anatomy of the eyes. There is sex.

Pugs, boxers, and French bulldogs have many ganglion cells that receive visual information and stick to objects in the center of the retina.Can react better to stimuli, Dr. Zsófia Bognár, the lead author of the study. A student of the Department of Ethology at the University of Eötvös-Roland in Hungary said in a statement.

Researchers say that enhanced visuals lead to better eye contact with people and lead to better communication, cooperation, and domino effects of bonds between dogs and their owners. Past studies have shown that such mutual gaze raises the level of a “hormone of love” called oxytocin in both parties.

On the other hand, long-nosed dogs such as Greyhound have more evenly distributed nerve cells in the retina, so when trying to focus on what is in front of them, they are distracted by stimulation from peripheral vision or lateral vision. May be scattered.

Other factors that may affect your ability to bond with your dog: age, personality, herd of livestock, sledging in the snow, snuggling on your lap, etc. because.

The· Research Published in the journal Scientific Reports on April 29th.

Dogs with a short nose can also cause a “cute reaction”

The dog participated in 12 experiments testing its social and eye contact abilities with strangers while its owner was sitting quietly in a nearby chair. The dog was median 8 years old and contained a mixture of mixed breeds and pure breeds.

In one of the tests, researchers measured the number of times the dog made eye contact with the experimenter within 5 minutes by giving the dog sausage each time it locked his eyes. A camera connected to a computer outside the laboratory recorded each test.

It turns out that dogs with short noses have faster eye contact with strangers. “They may see human faces more clearly due to their special retina, but because their facial features resemble small children, owners may also look at them more often. Is a powerful clue for humans, “said Bonnard.

This is called the “baby schema effect” and refers to “a series of facial features that cause so-called” cute reactions “, such as large heads, round faces, and large eyes.” “

“Therefore, owners of these dogs are more likely to pay more attention to them and to look at each other with their animals,” the researchers said in the study. “Therefore, these dogs have the potential to have more opportunities to learn, interact with humans and make eye contact.”

The team also investigated whether different varieties were likely to make eye contact with people.

Dogs bred for “visually guided work” such as shepherds make eye contact with people faster than dogs bred for sled-like work focused on voice cues. I found that I would take.

And, as expected, young, playful dogs were able to lock eye contact faster than older, more modest dogs.

Cats share the same binding abilities as their owners through eye contact. 1 Research Putting yourself in front of a cat, squinting like a relaxed smile, closing for a few seconds, and imitating slow-motion blinking is a form of positive emotional communication between cats and humans. I understand.

The next time you want to deepen your bond with your dog, look at your dog’s eyes. And keep in mind that if they aren’t in return for love, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel the same intimacy. Their noses may be too long.

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