According to experts, Trump’s plan to stop Biden from revealing details of what happened in the Capitol riots probably won’t work.


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Former President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, DC on October 10, 2018. Win McNamie / Getty Images

  • Donald Trump wants to use executive privilege to prevent information from being released to the Commission investigating the Capitol riots.

  • The Commission requested information from Biden’s White House about Trump’s actions during the riots.

  • However, legal experts said that executive privilege does not extend to the former president.

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Legal experts warned that President Donald Trump is unlikely to succeed in his plan to block the disclosure of information about his actions during the Capitol riots.

A bipartisan parliamentary commission is currently investigating the January 6 incident, and the US Capitol was struck by hundreds of riots. As a result, 5 people died, Including police officers.

Some of the information the Commission requested about how Trump and his aides acted during the January 6 riots came from the White House itself.

That means that President Joe Biden’s administration has the role of deciding whether to release it. The Wall Street Journal Biden is enthusiastic about disclosing information, citing two anonymous sources.

Mr. Trump said he would cite “executive privilege” to thwart various requests for information from the Commission. The journal reported.

Executive privilege is a legal concept that the president calls to justify withholding information because it undermines the proper functioning of the government.

In order for Trump to successfully call it, the court will have to accept that executive privilege can be claimed by someone even after they leave the office. According to two legal scholars, that is unlikely.

Barbara McWade, a legal analyst at MSNBC, said Trump could probably delay the White House’s efforts to release information about the Capitol riots, but it couldn’t stop it in the end. rice field.

“I don’t think he can do it in the end [claim executive privilege,]”” She said at MSNBC on Thursday..

“I think the final decision will be the Biden White House, but I think he can do enough to file a proceeding in court and wait for the proceedings to be filed.

“So I think he can try to slow things down, but in the end I think Congress will win and get the documents and witnesses they want.”

Congressman Jamie Baskin, a constitutional expert and member of the investigative commission investigating the January 6 case Told the Washington Post Trump does not exist in the former president, so he cannot exercise executive privilege.

“It doesn’t really matter because the president isn’t involved. There’s no such thing as the executive privilege of the former president,” he said.

Thursday committee Release the first subpoena In an investigation into some of Trump’s closest former aides.

We are also requesting records from telecommunications companies and social media companies. The Wall Street Journal reported..

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