According to FBI records, the defendant associated with Oath Keepers went to Olive Garden for dinner after looting the Capitol on January 6.

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On January 6, 2021, Ohio-born Jessica Marie Watkins (second from L) and Donovan Ray Crowle (center) march on the eastern front of the US Capitol with the Oath Keepers militia group.Reuters / Jim Bourg / File Photo

  • A group of people associated with Oath Keepers was charged with conspiracy in a parliamentary riot.

  • According to FBI interview records, the group went to Olive Garden for dinner after the attack.

  • More than 12 people associated with the far-right radical group have been charged.

According to newly released FBI records, a group of parliamentary riot defendants related to the oath went to the Olive Garden for dinner after the parliamentary building was violently attacked on January 6.

The transcript was submitted as part of Proceedings against more than 12 people linked to Oath Keepers, A far-right radical group, facing charges of conspiracy to obstruct Congress, obstruction of formal proceedings, and destruction of government property.

According to written records, the interview was conducted in May with an unidentified person in the group on January 6th.

He told the FBI that after leaving the Capitol grounds, the group stopped at the hotel and went to the Olive Garden for dinner. While in Olive Garden, the group discussed what happened earlier in the day, perhaps including the “shot girl.” Ashli ​​Babbitt, According to the writing record, a mob murdered by the police.

The group also discussed with veterans about President Donald Trump.Interviewee, one Oath Keepers to Trump Rebellion ActThis allows the president to deploy troops in the United States to “suppress the rebellion.”

Screenshots of the paragraph of the FBI interview record from the Oath Keepers investigation in the Capitol riots.

A record of an FBI interview from an Oath Keepers investigation in the Capitol riots.FBI

In a complaint against a defendant detained by Oath Keepers, the prosecutor said the group Plan to attack the Capitol as early as NovemberUse social media to coordinate your move to DC with weapons and tactical equipment.

“Trump said it’s going to be wild !!!!!!! It’s going to be wild !!!!!!! He wants us to make it wild It’s he That’s what he’s saying. He calls us all to the Capitol and wants us to make it Wild !!! Sir Yes Sir !!! The gentlemen we’re heading to the DC pack — !! ”Defendant Kelly Megs wrote in a Facebook message on December 22nd. The prosecutor said.. Mr. Trump tweeted a few days ago. “A large-scale protest in Washington, DC on January 6th.

More than 700 people have been charged with riots in the Capitol It involves crimes including plots, assaults on police officers, violent invasion and chaotic behavior, and trespassing and staying in restricted buildings.

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