According to Georgia police, blood stains at a gas station lead to the body of a woman in an apartment

A woman was killed and a man was seriously injured in a shooting in an Atlanta apartment early Friday morning, officials said.

Police responded to reports that an injured man was found at a gas station Suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, According to a news release from the Atlanta Police Department. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

A policeman who followed a bloody path at the scene headed to a nearby apartment, where the body of a woman was found. She was also shot.

According to the release, officials said an intact infant was also found in the unit. Children are currently protected by the city’s family and child services departments.

Police did not reveal whether the victims knew each other and how they knew each other. The circumstances leading up to the shooting have not been clarified.

The investigation was conducted in the face of pressure from city leaders to deal with gun violence and an increase in other crimes that are pushing residents into distress.Last month, the capital of Georgia Record more than 1,500 outbreaks According to police data, the rate of violent crimes such as rape, murder, robbery and weighted assault is high.

Murderers increased by nearly 60% Compared to last year, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported after “historically deadly 2020, when authorities investigated 157 murders.”

The crime surge has been exacerbated and some inhabitants of Atlanta’s upscale Buckhead district are driving it. Become your own city, WXIA reported.

A spokeswoman for the Atlanta Police Department told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that “we need people to make smarter decisions.” “Gun violence is not a political issue. It is neither a matter of Amendment 2 nor a matter of race. It is that people carry guns and make terrifying decisions, and their anger is poorly managed. Enough, serious carelessness, lack of consideration for human life. “

Police said an investigation into the shootings on Friday was underway.

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