According to his niece’s book, Trump “had pain and fear” during Brabad’s post-Covid exhibition.

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Donald Trump was “feared” when he exhibited Brabad at the White House after being treated for his estranged niece, a severe coronavirus infection. Mary trump Insist.

The U.S. President at the time had a painful expression that Mary recognized from her grandmother, but refused to admit his fears to herself, a bitter new book she saw by the Guardian. I remember.

Reckoning The United States claims to be suffering National trauma Appearing in rising levels of anger and hatred, exacerbated by her uncle’s attack on democracy. It follows Too Much and Never Enough, a memoir of a psychologist who portrayed Trump as a product of a dysfunctional family.

Last October, after three days of treatment, Trump was discharged from a military hospital, usually returning to the White House at the theater, landing on the grass south, and climbing a magnificent outer staircase to Truman’s balcony.

“Mussolini’s best imitation, he took off his mask with an invincible macho display,” Mary wrote. “He clenched his teeth and pushed his chin out, just as his grandmother was biting his anger and controlling his pain. At Donald, he saw the latter.”

She adds: “I’m suffering from asthma, so I’m keenly aware of what it’s like when someone is having trouble breathing. He was suffering and afraid, but he never admitted it to anyone. – Even himself. As always, the consequences of admitting vulnerabilities were far more frightening to him than to be honest. “

As always, the consequences of admitting the vulnerability were far more frightening to him than to be honest.

Mary trump

For all outward shows, Trump More severe The New York Times reported in February that there were more lung problems associated with lower blood oxygen levels and pneumonia than the then-recognized White House. Some officials were worried that he might need to be ventilated.

Mary reveals Trump’s response to the pandemic and links his “unrestrained anti-Semitism and homosexual aversion” to deadly violence in the United States and beyond, reflecting his turbulent presidency. increase. She claims that while the president was incompetent, others in his administration created “a lean and ruthless machine to advance fascism.”

Mary, 56, has become one of his uncle’s toughest critics and says he doesn’t love him.She writes to be memorable Family dinner At the Trump family, he emphasized the coldness of Donald’s father, her “social sick” grandfather Fred. Mary voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and last talked to Donald at her aunt’s birthday party in April 2017 at the White House.

At that point, she wrote in the book, “I was in the worst psychological state of my life.” A few months later, she sought treatment at a center specializing in post-traumatic stress disorders in Tucson, Arizona. “I’ve been there for weeks, digging up the wounds decades ago and trying to figure out why my uncle Donald was promoted to the White House.”

Fortunately, she was desperate to remind her of anonymity at a center where people didn’t reveal her name. “Still, I didn’t think anyone needed to know who I was, or more properly, who my uncle was. Long before my uncle entered politics, I Has never admitted to belonging to the Trump family. “

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When Too much and not enough, With nearly a million copies sold on the first day of publication, Mary became part of the first family to publish Donald Trump’s biography. Since then, she has been frequently interviewed on cable news and is a supporter of Joe Biden’s 2020 Trump election campaign.

In holy revenge, she widened her lens, “it’s almost impossible to grow white in America and not be racist,” and Trump “has been in political unity since the country’s founding.” It is a symptomatism of the disease, “but it is now” metastasis. “

She adds a strict warning. “From increasing levels of anger and hatred on the one hand to increasing levels of helplessness, stress and despair on the other, we are heading into a darker time in the history of the country.”