According to Illinois officials, the man fired 18 bullets at the restaurant and hit the customer’s head.

Bulldog Alehouse customers argued with restaurant employees and fired 18 bullets at the pub chain before leaving, according to Illinois officials.

One of those shots Innocent woman in her headAccording to a news release from a law firm in DuPage County.

Roselle police officer Called the Bulldog Ale House Just before 12:30 am on Saturday, July 16th. They found a woman in her twenties with a gunshot wound on her head.

Female customers were taken to the hospital for treatment, officials said.

A shooting investigation found a man described by witnesses as follows: “I’m chaotic and drunk” According to police, the restaurant guards ordered him to leave the country.

After discussing with the workers, officials say Rosel’s 22-year-old Jamie Kihano started walking towards the exit. Upon arriving at the door, he turned around and began shooting.

Police said he “shot randomly in the bar.”

After firing the pistol 18 times, Quijano escaped, officials say.

According to a news release, he was arrested at home and immediately detained. Police found a gun and a magazine on his couch and found two live 9mm bullets. One was in my pocket and the other was in the satchel he was using.

Quijano was charged with one attempted murder, a deterioration of the battery with the firearm, and a deterioration of the discharge of the firearm.

Judge Susan Alvarado denied the bond on Sunday, according to DuPage County Attorney Robert B. Berlin and Roselle Police Chief Steve Heron.

In a statement, Berlin said, “Judge Alvarado’s denial of morning ties is absolutely unacceptable in DuPage County for the meaningless and unprovoked violence claimed in this case. I will send you a message saying “Let’s go”. ” “The kind of extreme violence alleged in this case can have a chilling effect on the entire community and will be filled with the full power of the law. We wish all the victims in this case good luck. We pray for the earliest possible recovery. “

According to the news release, Quijano will appear in court on August 15. If convicted, he will face life imprisonment from 31 years.

As of July 17, authorities have not announced the latest status of the women who were shot dead.

Roselle is about 30 miles northwest of Chicago.

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