According to Illinois police, the man collapses and dies trying to protect his dog from attack.

According to police, a man in Illinois died after struggling to save his dog’s life during a morning walk.

A police officer at the Besart Police Station answered the phone at 10:37 am. Dog attack In the adjoining East Alton community, Chief Mike Dixon said in a release.

According to Dixon, Ronald Jones, 64, was walking his dog as the woman was walking two dogs across her path. Tie on a leash, her dog left the woman and hurriedly slammed her on the ground to attack her Jones dog.

Jones and the woman scrambled to pull the dog apart “for a few minutes” until Jones suddenly collapsed, Release said.

When the police arrived, Jones and his dog were stationary and spread to the ground. Nearby, the other two dogs were fighting each other while the bite-covered owner was still struggling to dismantle them.

Corresponding officers “secured the scene,” performed CPR, and attempted to resuscitate Jones using a defibrillator, Dixon said.

Despite his life-saving efforts, Jones died on the scene. He does not appear to have been injured by the dog and his cause of death is under investigation.

According to police, the woman was taken by ambulance to a hospital in St. Louis, where she was treated for “multiple bites.” It’s not clear what happened to her two dogs.

Although Jones’s dog was seriously injured, he survived the attack and is being treated at a veterinary clinic.

“I don’t know how they care,” Jones’s family said, but Besalt police promised to donate $ 400 to the cause, Dixon said, “deep condolences to Mr. Jones’ family in the department. Represents. “

Besalt is about 30 miles northeast of downtown St. Louis.

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