According to Illinois police, the man was stabbed to protect his teen and his mother was attacked by a grocery store.

A man was killed on Friday after intervening when a grocery customer attacked a girl and her mother, according to Illinois State Police.

Berwyn policeIn the suburbs of Chicago, 32-year-old Umberto Gusman is called a “true hero” by intervening to protect a 14-year-old girl and her mother.

The girl went to Valle’s production and visited her mother, who works as a cashier at the store. She walked to her mother’s checkout lane and asked about the price of the item when a customer accused her of lining up.

She said to the man, Later identified as Fernando Balius, She wasn’t disconnected, but he became controversial and physically at the age of 14.

“The man then attacked the girl and hit her face several times,” police said. “The cashier came out from behind the checkout counter and tried to protect her daughter when the suspect attacked her mother in the area of ​​her left ear and head.”

Guzman was in the midst of an attack to protect the girl and her mother. Barrios began walking towards the exit before returning to Guzman and approaching.

According to police, Barrios took the knife out of his pocket and stabbed Guzman several times in his chest and torso. The suspect then fled the store as a cashier, and another individual chased him.

The second good Samaritan, identified by police as Kevin Landau, was stabbed when he tried to stop Barrios, officials said. He suffered a life-threatening injury.

Guzman was sentenced to die just over an hour after the attack at a local hospital.

“This is a tragic incident in which a good Samaritan, a true hero, endangered himself to protect his teenage child and his mother,” police said.

Barrios, 30, was caught by a police officer a few blocks away from the store. He has been charged with murder and attempted murder and has been put in jail without being detained. CBS Chicago report.

“He had no choice” to stab a man during his court appearance on Saturday, Balius said. Chicago sun times..

“I think I was being attacked by a male employee,” he told the judge, the newspaper reported.

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