According to Indiana sheriffs, the infant was killed by a driver carrying a calf to a farm.

The infant died after being run over on a farm in Indiana, officials say.

The· Lagrange County According to the sheriff’s office, WANE reported that the man was delivering calves to a farm near Walcottville in northeastern Indiana on Monday.

After talking with driverThe boy’s father and his brother went to the barn to prepare the calf, and the driver reversed the pickup truck with a trailer, Newssan reported.

“I slipped out of a house unknown to my parents (15 months old),” Lieutenant Don Faust told the newspaper.

The· driver WPTA reported that he noticed that he had hit something and stopped after finding the injured boy on the ground.

The child was taken to a hospital in Fort Wayne, where he was sentenced to death, media reports said.

The sheriff’s office said no criminal charges would be filed, Newssan reported.

A Wisconsin sheriff says the infant died in an agricultural accident when it was anchored to the device.