According to inquiries, an unarmed black man was “legally” shot by British police.

The hearing concluded that the shooting by police of a young black man in London in 2015 was “legal”, but the operation itself was seriously flawed.

Jermaine Baker, 28, was part of a gangster who was planning to “spring out” a notorious gangster from a prison van on his way to the Criminal Court in northern London.

On December 11, 2015, the gang planned to release Izzet Eren, a Turkish gangster from northern London, from a prison van when he took him to a hearing at Wood Green Crown Court. rice field.

Scotland Yard fell after being shot dead by police while Baker was waiting in a stolen Audi A3 car near the court, and the bid to release him was stopped.

Baker is not armed, but a replica Uji submachine gun was found in the car.

Survey report issued on Tuesday (pdf), Said that there were many “failures” in Operation Ancreation. This includes police attempts to thwart and thwart escape plans, such as “we couldn’t properly consider consequences other than armed interception” and “we weren’t involved with His Majesty’s prison.” “Probation service on Izzet Ellen’s escape risk” and did not notify Serco, the company that transports Ellen, of the escape plan.

Judge Clement Goldstone, QC, who chaired the investigation, also discovered that the Operations on the Ancrees team was unable to hold adequate records or record briefings.

However, he ruled that anonymity was recognized and that the officer who shot Baker, known only as W80, was acted “legally”.

Police Officer “The Believed Baker poses a deadly threat”

He states: “W80 concludes that he shot Baker because he honestly believed that he poses a deadly threat and that he needs to shoot reasonably to protect him. . “

The hearing investigated what happened after Baker was fatally injured, given the circumstances in which the W80 decided to release the weapon.

Goldstone writes: “We accepted W80’s evidence that he moved his hand toward the bag he was wearing. As a result of the briefing he received, the W80 was armed with a weapon by a suspect in the car and was an Audi mission vehicle. I believed that I could try to fight to get out of. I honestly believe that Mr Baker did not follow the instructions to put his hand on the dashboard and was trying to get a firearm. I accepted W80’s evidence that it was. W80 shot Mr Baker once. “

Ellen, 39, is one of the leaders of the Tottenham Turkish gang who was involved in a long-term feud with Hackney’s rival Bomba Shiraz (bomber), with more than 12 deaths since 2009. Did.

He was finally convicted of firearms crime for 21 years and imprisoned, but was transferred to Turkey in August 2019 for the rest of his sentence. He abstained from a Turkish prison a month later and remained a fugitive until he was captured in Moldova in May 2022 and handed over to England.

Baker was one of three men in a stolen Audi A6 waiting to drive prisoner Ellen out of a prison van.

Baker’s mother, Margaret Smith, who showed evidence in last year’s investigation, said she felt that the value of her son’s life had been forgotten by police officers involved in the surgery.

She states: Jermaine’s life was extraordinarily unusual in that it was over, but the story of being written down as a child was told by so many black boys and young men. “

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