According to Intimacy Coordinator, “Bridgerton” star Jonathan Bailey surprised everyone on the set by being able to take off his shirt smoothly.

Jonathan Bailey from

Bridgerton’s Intimacy Coordinator told insiders that star Jonathan Bailey was very skilled at taking off his shirt for the scene.Netflix

  • Insiders talked to Bridgerton’s Intimacy Coordinator, Rigi Talbot, about the hottest moments of Season 2.

  • Talbot reveals that star Jonathan Bailey is very skilled at taking off his shirt for the scene.

  • “Whenever Johnny wears a wet shirt, it will create an absolute turmoil,” Talbot said.

The insider recently sat down with Lizzy Talbot, the intimate coordinator of Bridgerton. Season 2’s hottest sex scene And revealed how tricky it was Works in those regency costumes..

But Talbot also shared some fun moments behind the scenesIncludes the professional ability to take off the shirt of star Jonathan Bailey.

Talbot recalled one scene from Season 2 where Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) dreamed of Anthony Bridgerton (Bailey’s character) undressing.

“Johnny had to take off his shirt and throw it, and he did it in one take with one very smooth move,” Talbot said. “All the crew erupted!”

Bailey’s movements were so smooth that the cinematographer began to play a special song in honor of him.

“DP played’I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt’at that moment, which was very much appreciated by everyone,” she added.


Bailey of “Bridgerton” season 2.Liam Daniel / Netflix

Talbot said Bailey’s shirt work was “quite amazing” and reminiscent of the scene — It was a homage to Colin Firth of “Pride and Prejudice” — Anthony’s white shirt looks completely transparent after falling into the water.

“Whenever Johnny wears a wet shirt, it will create an absolute turmoil,” Talbot said with a laugh. “And whenever he puts on and takes off his shirt, he’s so smooth. I think it comes from his amazing natural ability to captivate all viewers with the movement of his shirt. I don’t think we can escape that magic. “

Talbot knows that both Bailey and Ashley know their “Bridgerton” character “inside and outside”, He also helped me choreograph my sex scene.

“They know exactly what their character does at this moment, and for that they can bring a lot to the scene,” she continued. “Whenever there is an actor who really understands the character, it’s a gift.”

Anthony and Kate Brigerton

Bailey and Ashley from “Bridgerton”.Netflix

“It was really cool to see them suggesting ways to take off gloves, very deliberately take off stockings, take off shoes and take off shirts.”

And Talbot said Bailey is known for always smiling and walking the set and lifting everyone during the shoot.

“He always checks in to see if everyone is okay,” she added. “He wants to tell the exact story we’re telling and what he’s looking for in a character. He’s very good at reading rooms, so what does someone do at that moment? It knows exactly what you need and provides the right encouragement. It’s very cool to see. “

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