According to Louisiana police, the father broke through the door to strangle his daughter for being “rude.”

According to Louisiana officials, the father, who was accused of assaulting his daughter during a fight, claimed to have beaten her as “rude.”

Donnie Paul Neil, 40, has reportedly been charged with several charges after beating a child. Suffocated her until she almost faintedSaid the sheriff’s office in the Parish of Telebonne, hitting his head against the floor of Chauvin’s home.

An agent arrived home Wednesday morning for reports of the child being physically abused. Neil wasn’t inside, but the agent found his daughter. [her] According to the “Neck and Face” news release.

Police did not reveal the age of the child. A search of the house revealed drug-related equipment and shotgun ammunition.

Authorities learned that the girl hadn’t seen her father for five years and had been fighting about his drug use from outside the town. Police said Neil “used illegal drugs in his home every day.” “I was doing it,” he said, and his daughter was dissatisfied with it.

The girl rushed into the bedroom and closed the door behind her. At that time, Neil tried to break it many times, but “grabbed the saw and passed through the door.” After he got inside, he started attacking his daughter.

According to police, the child fled to his neighbor’s house and called 911.

The agent searched the area and found Neil hiding in a nearby house. He was taken to the sheriff’s office and cross-examined, where he admitted that he had beaten his daughter. He also admitted that he had participated in illegal drugs in front of her, officials said.

Neil has been charged with hanging minors, domestic gangsters, weighted assault and domestic violence due to illegal confinement. He has also been charged with possession of drug equipment and illegal use of controlled drugs. ..

As of Thursday, he was detained in the Telebon Parish Criminal Justice Complex with a deposit of $ 51,000.00.

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