According to Maine police, men have their amputated arms when city workers intervene for help.

Two city workers in Maine took action on Friday, January 21, when they found a man “stumbling” towards them with their amputated arms.

Workers sanding the sidewalk in Lewiston I applied a tourniquet To reduce bleeding in men, Mary Ann Brennick, director of public works at Lewiston, told Sun Journal. Police said the tourniquet “probably saved his life.”

“It had to be divine intervention,” Brenchick told the publication, saying that both men were arborists trained to apply tourniquets. “In this kind of situation, no one would be better than this.”

The doctor took the man To the hospital After the 9:20 am incident, Lewiston police said in a news release.

According to police, he may have been injured in an occupational accident at a nearby market.

Police officers traced blood to the store, where witnesses reported that the man had lost his arm in the band.

The police told WGME that the man Expected to surviveHowever, no information was available regarding his medical condition.

Several agencies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, are supporting the investigation, Release said.

Police ask anyone who has the information to contact Detective Charles Weaver at 513-3001 ext. 3321.

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