According to Michigan police, Mama kicks out the kids, hosts a party, and attacks them when they come back.

A Michigan mother was accused of child abuse after police said she had attacked her teens when they returned home during a party she hosted. Facing

A teenage boy called 911 around 3:40 am on Sunday Attacked by his mom, Michigan police said in a news release Wednesday.

When the police arrived, the boy explained that he and his sister had been expelled from the Richfield Township home so that the mother could have a party.

Both teens are under the age of 16, officials told McClatchy News.

The children “had nowhere to go,” police said and went home.

According to police, when the children arrived, they had a quarrel with a mother identified as 34-year-old Amber Maldonado.

She is then blamed Slap and hit Her son, Michigan Live, reported. According to police, Maldonado also beat him when his daughter tried to intervene.

Maldonado appeared to be drunk, police told Michigan Live.

According to police, EMS arrived at the scene to treat one of the teenagers with minor injuries.

Maldonado was arrested and taken to Roscommon County Jail. She has been charged with two counts of three child abuses.

Her deposit has been set at $ 10,000 and will return to court on May 10.

According to police, the children are now with their father.

Richfield Township is just northeast of Flint.

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