According to Missouri police, the nurse stopped her father from trying to kidnap the baby from the hospital with a duffel bag.

“Alert nurse” Father tried to kidnap baby From a Missouri hospital, police say.

Police said in a Friday news release that his father tried to leave the delivery room at Cox Medical Center Branson on Monday with a newborn baby in a state ward in a duffel bag.

The nurse told the man, “I felt something was wrong and tried,” and the man tried to escape. However, hospital security measures prevented him from escaping, and guards detained the man until police arrived, officials said.

The unidentified man was charged with a felony that endangered the welfare of his child.

“We are proud of how Cox Medical Center Branson dealt with this situation and our partnership with the police station,” said Jeff Matthews, police chief of Branson. “This is why it is so important for all organizations to plan and train regularly for their” what if “scenarios. “

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