According to Moderna, one study showed that COVID-19 immunity declined over time and a booster was needed.


Moderna vaccine

Sendy Puerto, a laboratory engineer at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, will process blood samples from study participants at the Miami Specimen Processing Lab on Wednesday, September 2, 2020. Volunteers are participating in a NIH-funded Moderna COVID-19 vaccine test. Taimy Alvarez / AP

  • Moderna said that people vaccinated in 2020 caught COVID-19 more often than people vaccinated this year.

  • This suggested that immunity from that COVID-19 shot diminished over time and provided evidence of booster doses, he said.

  • However, the number of people infected with severe COVID-19 did not differ significantly between groups.

Modena Late clinical trials Although the COVID-19 vaccine provided evidence of weakened immunity and the need for booster immunity, the shot still appears to protect against serious illness.

Those who were vaccinated between December 2020 and March 2021 were “breakthrough” COVID-19 compared to those who were vaccinated in the first trial from July to October 2020. Reported 36% less infection. Wednesday, Quoted unpublished company analysis.

According to the company, there were 88 breakthrough cases in a group of 14,746 people who were recently vaccinated, and 162 COVID-19 cases in 11,431 study participants.

According to Modana, the findings are evidence of a vaccine-induced weakening of the immune system and indicate the “potential benefits” of booster immunity.

“The first six months are great, but we can’t expect it to be stable for more than a year,” Moderna president Stephen Hoge said in a conference call with investors. Reported by Reuters..

“The estimated impact of weakened immunity will be 600,000 additional cases of COVID-19,” he said, across the US population of 66 million. “Some of these cases are severe and unfortunately expected to be fatal,” he said.

However, the data also suggested that the shot was long-term protected from severe COVID-19. There were 19 “severe” breakthrough infections overall, and there was no “significant difference” between the two groups of people, he said. The company does not define the meaning of “severe” COVID-19, but usually this means an illness that kills or requires treatment in the hospital.

Mild breakthrough infection No vaccine is 100% effective, so any vaccine is expected.

The announcement of Moderna is Food and Drug Administration The FDA will soon decide whether to give fully vaccinated Americans an additional dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine to boost immunity to highly infectious delta variants that can evade the immune response. ..

The FDA is expected to quickly determine potential Moderna boosters. However, some medical professionals, including Boston University epidemiologist Erie Murray, said concern Around Data quality Notify the FDA’s decision: I really don’t know how long booster protection will last or when it’s best to give a booster. NS World Health Organization He argues that people around the world who have not received the first dose should be prioritized before giving boost to fully vaccinated people.

The Biden administration hopes that fully vaccinated Americans will be able to receive additional vaccinations six months after the second vaccination from September 20th. Man You can already get additional shots in the US.

Protection of Moderna vaccine against severe illness

Modana shot Recent lab studies have shown better performance than Pfizer..Some experts say this is High dose Active ingredient mRNA, modana shots, or longer time intervals between doses-Modana vaccine is given at 4-week intervals and Pfizer vaccine is given at 3-week intervals.

Moderna booster shots are half the dose of the original vaccine.

Real world Qatar study Moderna shots were found to be 84.5% effective against infections 14 days after the second dose, including asymptomatic illnesses. Studies have shown that Pfizer was 53.5% effective. Pfizer vaccines are usually given to older people who tend to have a weak immune response, and external factors can affect the outcome.

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