According to Mr. Trump, the crisis in Ukraine and Russia is a “European problem” and Russia “owns Germany” for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump.Shawn Rayford / Getty Images

  • Mr. Trump said Russia “owns” Germany for the Nord Stream 2 Russia-to-Germany gas pipeline.

  • As president, Trump imposed sanctions on the construction of the pipeline, after which Biden lifted it.

  • The pipeline is being scrutinized more and more as concerns about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine grow.

Former President Donald Trump said Russia dominates Germany because it depends on Russia’s gas, and that the crisis in Russia and Ukraine is a “European problem.”

“Europe should be fully involved,” Trump told conservative radio host Glenn Beck on Saturday. Possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Germany has traded with Russia in the pipeline, and Nord Stream is a disaster,” Trump said, referring to the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany on the seabed.

“And I’m the one who raised it. Nobody knew about it. I was always talking about it. And they would say,” Oh, he’s vulnerable to Russia. ” Putin would say, “You are killing me in this pipeline.” But I stopped it. “

The controversial gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 is designed to bypass the common transportation routes through Ukraine and double the gas flowing directly from Russia to Germany.

The project is facing criticism across Europe and the United States as it could have a dangerous impact on Russia on Russia. Ukraine has also criticized the pipeline and robbed billions of petrol charges.

As President, Trump Approved sanctions Targeting companies building Nord Stream 2, President Joe Biden Abandoned them May of last year.

The $ 11 billion pipeline ended in September but is not yet in operation while awaiting German certification.

Talking to Glenn Beck, Trump argues that the pipeline is “one of the most ridiculous moves I’ve ever seen” and that Germany will get “more than 70%” of their energy from Russia. did.

“That means Russia controls them. Russia owns Germany,” Trump said.

“Russia has complete control over Germany because they get energy from Russia, and Germany says,” Well, we don’t want to fight them. ” They can’t fight them because of what’s happening with energy. “

As tensions boil following the buildup of Russian troops at the Ukrainian border, the United States and Germany Stop the opening Of Nord Stream 2.

But critics have accused Berlin of prioritizing the pipeline, Not advanced enough Assist Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

Ukraine blamed Germany’s proposal this week Send only 5,000 helmets In response to a request for military equipment to defend against the Russian army, Paltry was called a “joke.”

In an interview with Glenn Beck, Trump criticized Biden’s bargaining tactics, suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin was bold to invade Ukraine.

“I think it was two weeks ago. He didn’t mean to do that. He was just negotiating and doing what he liked,” Trump said.

“And now he sees it as a clear path for the stupid people he deals with.”

Trump often criticized and praised dictatorial leaders like Putin. US allies and institutions like NATO Through his presidency.

He was also Impeachment in 2019 Over scandals, including withholding military aid to Ukraine, while putting pressure on Ukraine to investigate his political rivals.

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