According to New Mexico police, the children put a secret note on the bus driver to rescue their mother from abuse.

After enduring the night of abuse, New Mexico’s mother was anxious for help, police say.

She wrote a secret note for the kids to slip into them Bus driver..

According to police, Las Cruces woman’s 40-year-old boyfriend, Eric Alvarado, strangled her during an “overnight domestic quarrel” that began Thursday night, using pillowcases and shirts. He was accused of choking.

Alvarado also threatened to kill her, police say.

“Most of the abuses took place in front of the couple’s toddlers and two school-age children,” Las Cruces police said in a news release.

According to police, Alvarado had a cell phone and the woman could not ask for help.

So the woman instructed her two older children to give a note to the bus driver on Friday morning. After reading the notes, police said the “attentive” bus driver called 911.

Inside the house, police found a woman with cuts, bruises, and abrasions.

Alvarado was charged with three deteriorating battery felony charges, battery misdemeanor and property deprivation.

A former teacher was charged after taking down his mask and coughing his baby’s face, according to a California police officer.