According to officials, a man who “repeatedly” assaulted multiple police officers during a planned parliamentary riot, boasting a social media account named after Mr. Trump.

Capitol Riot Army

On January 6, 2021, a file photo riot in support of President Donald Trump struck the Washington Capitol. AP photo

  • A New Jersey man was arrested Wednesday for his alleged role in the January 6 parliamentary attack.

  • Court documents Christopher Quaglin claims to have attacked several law enforcement officers during the riots.

  • The post-siege Quaglin search history shows eight visits to the FBI’s “Requesting Information” page.

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Numbers since a New Jersey man accused of “repeatedly assaulting multiple law enforcement officers” in a parliamentary riot on January 6 suggests that his history of Internet searches was worried about the results. A month later, he was arrested and charged in connection with participating in the attack.

Christopher Joseph Quaglin was arrested on Wednesday for assaulting, resisting, or interfering with certain officers or employees, civil riots, and obstructing public proceedings. According to the US Department of Justice.

Quaglin effectively appeared in federal court on Wednesday, and the judge decided to release him under house arrest. According to

To Court documentsAccording to officials, Quaglin participated in the siege of the Capitol in Washington, DC, leading the assault on the building and attacking numerous police officers in the process. Stop the invasion.

Quaglin, wearing a red, white and blue shirt, a black helmet with a camera and a gas mask, was easily identifiable in the video footage from that day. According to officials, Quaglin is attacking both Capitol and Metropolitan Police Department police officers. Multiple times in different places throughout the afternoon.

Before the riot breaks through the building, Quaglin approaches a fenced police line and sees in a camera image worn by a police officer who has begun to engage a police officer who “looks unprovoked.” I can.

“You don’t want this fight. You don’t want this f — ing fight. You’re on the wrong f — ing side. You have an f — ing pistol. I’m going to bring it, I’m going to bring an f — ing cannon. ” “Wait! F — ing Stay there like a sheep! This guy doesn’t know what f — is doing.”

In another video, you can see Quaglin pushing a police officer holding the surroundings, the document said. Surveillance footage reportedly shows that Quaglin is engaged with police officers, appearing to be “more upset and pointing.”

According to court documents, additional video footage shows that Quaglin is physically pushing at least five different officers during the turmoil of the invasion.

According to court documents, Quaglin has also been accused of spraying chemical stimulants on police officers who tried to prevent the mob from entering the Capitol.

After the riot, law enforcement said it received a hint from an anonymous source who provided a Facebook live video of the riot from a Facebook account in Quaglin named “Christolamp.”

Witnesses told authorities that Quaglin frequently posted to social media accounts about the 2020 presidential election and going to the Houses of Parliament on January 6. According to legal records, many of Quaglin’s posts from the Capitol were deleted on January 7.

But that didn’t stop Quaglin from publicly planning his involvement before the attack or bragging about it shortly after the event.

In the aftermath of Joe Biden’s November victory, Quaglin reportedly sent a number of Facebook messages to other accounts hinting at his ultimate involvement in the attack.

“I’m going to go to war … I’m writing to my wife, and people will have it … but I may not even be able to get it back,” Quaglin said. Reportedly wrote on Facebook in November. “It’s over … otherwise I’m fighting … like on the streets of DC. Full body armor.”

In a video shot from a hotel room following the January attack, officials say Quaglin said: “I was sprayed with pepper like 20 times, I’m sure I’m going to make the news. I am. “

Authorities investigated Quaglin’s Google account history after the riot and found a search on January 8 that “a man is sprayed on a bear in the capital.” On January 20, his history shows a visit to a web page titled “Citizenship, a country where you can buy a place of residence.” , Or a passport. “

And between January 28th and January 31st, Quaglin’s account history shows a total of eight visits to the FBI’s “seeking information” parliamentary violence web page.

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