According to Ohio police, the assault of women causes a large bar battle, turning to men.


According to Ohio police, two people were injured in a large bar battle caused by a woman’s assault. Authorities are still looking for a man accused of assaulting a woman.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office answered several 911 calls about an ongoing battle at a bar in Lakeview, Ohio, on July 3, officials said in a case report. Callers reported that the person was “beaten by a mob” and seriously injured, including “what is said to have hanging eyes.”

A 26-year-old woman from Urbana, Ohio, told authorities that she was “romantically tracked” all night by a patron at another male bar, according to the incident report. She said she wasn’t interested in her and she believed she “she said something that might have insulted” the man, but she said she stuck to the man. Said.

In response, he pushed her to the ground, the case report said.

The woman reportedly told authorities that the man had counterattacked in self-defense just to hit her again.

The fight was intensified as patrons from other bars were involved and people tried to protect women and disband the fight, officials said in their report.

According to the incident report, the woman was “covered with visible redness on her face, a small lump on her right eye, scratches and abrasions on her feet and feet, and dust from the gravel in the parking lot.”

Around the same time, another battle reportedly began outside the bar. Witnesses reported to authorities that night that a man who had been kicked out of the bar three times separately shouted a racial slur.

“A flock of bar patrons” has begun beating a 25-year-old man from Lima, Ohio, officials said. According to reports, the agent was uncertain whether this man was the same man who was kicked out many times.

According to the incident report, the attacked man was taken to a purple car and driven away. Shortly thereafter, a nearby lieutenant identified and stopped the car.

The driver tried to escape on foot, but the adjutant stabbed the man into the ground. Still, he resisted and tried to hide the Xanax plastic bag under a nearby fence, officials said in a report.

Looking at the passenger seat of the car, the lieutenant saw a shirtless man in a bloody trunks swimsuit. “His eyes were terribly swollen and sticking out,” the report said.

The man was taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital, the agent said. No further updates have been released.

Witnesses reported that when the agent arrived at the bar, employees disbanded the fight and the man accused of assaulting the woman fled.

The female victim told authorities she would file charges, and authorities said she would issue an arrest warrant for the man accused of assault.

Lakeview is about 70 miles northwest of Columbus.

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