According to Ohio police, the disassembled human bodies found in the box belonged to a sibling organization.

A Box of disassembled human remains According to police, what was found in the Ohio garage once belonged to a fraternity group for ceremonial use.

According to a news release, at around 10 pm on March 24, the Mount Healthy Police Station was warned of the discovery after a resident heard a young man’s voice “from a remote garage area.” ..

Worried, the inhabitants went to investigate the area Werner Avenue..

“After entering the garage, residents observed a box that looked like it contained a disassembled human body,” police said.

Authorities are called to the building, and The wreckage was taken WLWT reported to Hamilton County Coroners Office as part of the investigation.

The next morning, police confirmed that the relic was used in a ritual organized by the Independent Order of Odd Fellow.

The siblings did not immediately respond to the request for a statement from McClutch News.

According to police, the centuries-old organization, founded in 1819, once had a lodge on Mount Healthy. Members met in a building currently owned by the same owner as the garage.

“The group has been moving out of our area for a long time. When the owner of the new building cleaned the building, he bought it here on Mount Healthy and included it in a garage containing a box of human remains. I have stored the materials that will be used, “the police said.

Authorities say the investigation of the body is ongoing. “But there is no reason to believe that the remains found were due to a recent murder.”

Command Independent order of odd fellows According to the organization’s website, “visit the sick, save the suffering, bury the dead, and educate the orphans.” Members do this by helping the community and those in need while advancing the principles of goodwill.

The organization says it has Over 600,000 members Over 10,000 lodges and different beliefs and races in 30 countries.

“Rituals, symbols and degrees are designed to“ enhance and improve the character of humanity, ”says the Independent Order of Odd Fellow. “Keeping these lessons in mind will help you become a better person and thus a better place for the world around you.”

Mount Healthy is a suburb about 15 miles north of Cincinnati.

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