According to Ohio police, the mother used “some” furniture to kill her one-year-old son.

An 18-month-old child died after being found under home furniture on Monday, and police in an Ohio town charged the boy’s parents.

Police were sent to a residential area around 5 pm on Monday following reports of a naked person on the sidewalk. A phone call made by police revealed that the school bus driver saw a naked person on the way.

“I’m just calling because there are so many kids in the area,” a school official said on a 911 phone call.

According to police, when police met a naked woman, 24-year-old Mary Guarendi Walker, she said her son had been killed at home.

According to police, police officers entered the house through the window and found an unconscious boy Kevin Walker Jr. under “some large pieces of furniture.” Police said the baby was taken to a local hospital where he was sentenced to death.

Police said on Tuesday that he believed the death was a “domestic incident” in which the boy’s mother attacked him with furniture. Kevin died of “serious head and body injuries,” police said.

Mary Guarendi-Walker is charged with first-class murder and is the boy’s dad, 29-year-old Kevin Walker Sr. Was charged with obstructing the judiciary.

The boy’s father told officers that the child was sleeping at home when he learned that he was under furniture. Canton repository..

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