According to Oklahoma police, the family is taking a baby shower for a pregnant 12-year-old child, her accused rape criminal says.

Family of a 12-year-old girl pregnant with a double-aged man “Allow” the relationship According to Oklahoma police, she even celebrated her pregnancy with a baby shower.

Police arrested 24-year-old Juan Miranda-Jara Earlier this month, a minor was accused of one rape, according to Tulsa police.

Immediately after the girl appeared in a hospital in her pregnant area, police said she was told she might have been raped. Investigators brought Miranda Jara to cross-examination, admitting that when the girl was giving birth, he had a child who belonged to him and had been in a “relationship” with the girl since October 2020.

However, questions remained, and police said, “Where were my parents?”

Apparently, they existed and knew what was going on, police said.

“The investigation revealed that the victim’s mother and family were aware of the relationship between the victim and Miranda Jara,” police said. “The family has allowed the relationship, and there is a picture of the family throwing a baby shower for the victims and suspects.”

According to police, the mother of a girl who McClatchy News did not identify to protect her child’s identity was arrested. She enables child sexual abuse and faces the crime of ignoring children.

According to police, the father has already been put in jail and has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for unrelated rape convictions.

Dad sees his ex-wife and her boyfriend in his son’s soccer match and kills them, says a Texas police officer.

The car continued to overtake a pregnant woman who was injured in a hit-and-run.Then an Ohio man came to the rescue

According to Texas police, the minister was accused of giving a teenage stimulant and raping her in a church.

The family forced waitresses to have sex for money at a bar in Texas, the federal government says

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