According to Oregon police, the father stops a man trying to kidnap his 10-year-old daughter until a police officer arrives.

Oregon’s father prevented a home intruder from abducting his 10-year-old daughter, officials said.

Lincoln City Police said They arrested Joshua Hawkins, 33, Federal Way, Washington, Wednesday night, on suspicion of robbery and attempted kidnapping.

Police said they found Hawkins entering a vacation rental home through an unlocked door in response to reports of robbery. Hawkins was disturbed by a 10-year-old girl in the house and said, “I was a victim of trafficking and tried to grab the girl and pull her away, saying she was trying to take her away.” Said.

The girl ran away and told her parents that she had a man at home, police said. According to officials, the girl’s father, Roberto Gaona, detained Hawkins until police arrived.

Officials said the investigation revealed that Hawkins had a plastic cable tie and a “robbery tool.” According to police, he “appeared to be under the influence of regulated substances” and was taken to Sumaritan North Lincoln Hospital for medical evaluation.

After being cleared, Hawkins was taken to a police car, slipped out of his handcuffs, began fighting police in the emergency room parking lot, and was re-handcuffed, officials said.

Police said Hawkins was charged with robbery, attempted kidnapping, possession of robbery tools, attempted escape, resistance to arrest, and chaotic behavior.

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