According to police, a 20-year-old college student in New York died after being “exposed for a long time” to frigid temperatures.

Accident and crime scene cordon tapes and police lines do not intersect.At night, police car emergency lights flash blue, red, white in the background

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  • A college student in northern New York died after being exposed to frigid weather.

  • SUNY Oneonta student Tyler Lopresti-Castro was unknowingly discovered Thursday morning.

  • According to officials, he was unknowingly found on the ground near the bus garage in subzero weather.

Police said a 20-year-old college student in northern New York died last week in a state of “long exposure” to frigid temperatures.

SUNY Oneonta student Tyler Lopresti-Castro was unknowingly found on the ground by a college employee near the bus garage on Thursday at 6:50 am. Statement from Oneonta Police..

He was last seen around midnight on Thursday.

According to a statement, police said he “seems to have been exposed to extremely cold sub-zero temperatures for extended periods of time.”Otsego County Coroner Terry Nap said ABC News Meanwhile, it was 12 degrees below zero.

According to officials, Castro was taken to a local hospital where he was sentenced to death. According to police, security footage did not show that Castro boarded public transport hours before his death, but police said he came out of the woods behind the garage and was caught after 2 am. It is said that it was done.

“A survey of the surrounding area suggests that Tyler may have taken an off-ramp to the east of I-88 at the intersection of Route 205, climbed in the snow, and crossed the drainage channel before appearing on the site of Oneonta. It shows that there is, “said the statement.

Oneonta police are seeking information from the general public about his position from midnight to 2:15 am. They said he was finally seen wearing jeans and a gray sweatshirt. Police added that there were no “signs of crime so far.”

A spokesperson for SUNY Oneonta identified him as a junior studying professional accounting and described it as a “very much told time” for the university. NBC News..

“Our campus community mourns the loss of one of ourselves and we are focused on providing support to our students’ family and friends,” a spokesman told the outlet. “Our heart is directed at them and we are providing as much support as possible to help them during this difficult time.”

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