According to police, a 4-year-old girl who has been missing since 2019 was alive and hiding under the stairs in New York.

A girl who went missing at the age of four more than two years ago was found alive by police on Monday and was hidden under the stairs in a New York house.

Paisley Schultis, now six, was found in a Sogati’s home about 45 miles south of Albany on Monday night after authorities received information about her whereabouts, according to Sogati’s police.

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Police officers found the girl after searching for an hour in a temporary room under the stairs leading to the basement.

Detective Eric Thiele said that somewhere on the stairs looked strange and he saw a blanket after blinking the lights between the stairs.

Paisley Schultis (Sogati's Police)

Paisley Schultis (Sogati’s Police)

“But the detective used a tool to get rid of some of the wooden stairs … and that’s when the detective saw a pair of small legs,” police said in a statement on Tuesday. “After removing a few more steps, a child and her kidnapper were found inside. The space was small, cold and wet.”

Police said she was returned to legal guardianship after rescuers examined Paisley and determined she was healthy.

Paisley was reported missing from Keiyuga Heights in July 2019, and authorities believe she was taken to “non-custodial parents.” Keiyuga Heights is about 160 miles west of Sogaties.

Kimberly Cooper, Kirk Schultis Jr., and Kirk Schultis Sr. were arrested and charged with the disappearance of Paisley.

Police had previously tracked directions to the residence where Paisley was finally found, but residents said each time they “denied knowledge of the girl’s whereabouts.”

“During some of the follow-ups to the Fawn Road location, authorities were granted limited access to the dwelling to find children by both Kirk Schultis Senior and Junior … the child and her. I knew the kidnapper was hidden inside the house and wouldn’t find it. “

Paislee Shultis was found to be held in a hidden location in a residential area in Sogati's, NY (Sogarty's Police Station).

Paislee Shultis was found to be held in a hidden location in a residential area in Sogati’s, NY (Sogarty’s Police Station).

Both Schultis were charged with one count each of a felony of first-class detention interference and a misdemeanor of endangering the welfare of a child.

Cooper was charged with endangering the welfare of his child with a second custodial sentence and misdemeanor. She was detained for an unpaid warrant issued by the Ulster County Family Court.

According to police, Shultis, Jr. And Shultis, Sr. Was released at their own discretion. Neither Schultis was available after calling the residence where Paisley was found from NBC News.

The numbers listed for Cooper weren’t servicing on Tuesday, and she couldn’t be contacted for comment.

A protection order was issued to all three defendants.

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