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Elizabeth Warren is literally laughing at the collapse of the Republican company with the United States

Photo Illustrated by The Daily Beast / Getty Top critics of Democratic private sector power are with the United States as the Republican Party has accused the company of opposition to national efforts to change voting rules. I’m laughing at the idea that the GOP actually split. “Awakened” companies — and that’s literally about it. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) laughed when asked about the idea of ​​a rift between the GOP and a large corporation on Wednesday. Warren told The Daily Beast. “They believe they can pass laws to prevent people from voting and undermining democracy. As long as they cut US taxes on businesses, everything will be in the sun and roses. Former Wall Street keeper and progressive presidential candidate in 2020 did not accurately give businesses moral credit for speaking against the Republican voting stand. They just reached their limits. “It’s all about democracy,” Warren said. “Companies are willing to participate and invest in helping their partner candidates, but what we are seeing now is going on until they break the basic democracy. The obvious limitation is that the Georgia Republican bill passed in March, after the state-focused democratic victory fueled a conspiracy on election integrity. Restricted some means of voting access. Large local companies such as Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola strongly opposed the bill, and Major League Baseball was under pressure from players and the general public to play the planned all-star game. The CEOs of major companies such as Pepsi and Paypal recently discussed a coordinated pushback to a bill similar to the Georgia national bill, and on Wednesday with the New York Times. The Washington Post page contained public letters signed by hundreds of companies, including Starbucks, General Motors, and Google. These moves, among other things, were “awakened” warriors whose Republicans were ordered to march by the Democrats. Prompted to turn on the Republican giant as, which caused opposition and headlines to speculate on the division. Progressives like Warren not only reject the idea that this rift is a reality, but also reject the idea that there is a broader political restructuring in which the Republicans play a major role in large corporations. To do. Democrats are gradually in line with corporate interests, while adversaries. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the party’s de facto dean on the left, proposed a simple Republican litmus exam. en asked that question. “We’ll see how they feel about asking big companies and wealthy people to start paying their fair share,” Sanders told The Daily Beast. “Let’s see how they feel about raising the minimum wage.” Subtext of Sanders’ answer: Republicans primarily don’t support them. To pay the proposed $ 2.2 trillion infrastructure plan, President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party want to raise taxes on businesses from the 21% rate set by the GOP in the 2017 tax bill to 28%. thinking about. Republicans are uniformly opposed to that idea. When the Democratic Party called for an addition to the COVID bailout package in February, the GOP also voiced opposition to the Democratic Party’s efforts to raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), the only Republican, supported the idea and supported a minimum wage increase for large corporations only. In general, he is one of the few Republicans who is willing to support criticisms of corporate politics and has taken some steps to curb his power. Republicans can talk tough about “awakened” businesses. With him, especially on antitrust issues, and he argued that the Democratic Party is becoming the preferred party for corporate America. “Now, more and more today, the Corporateist Party is the Democratic Party,” Hurley insisted on The Daily Beast. “We’re undergoing a major restructuring now.” Recent indications of many Republicans’ opposition to American companies have somehow targeted them, as well as opposition to state-level voting bills. Mostly fueled by the feeling of being. , But through approval of “cultural cancellation” or conservative censorship. Beyond that, declarations from numerous large corporations such as Amazon, AT & T, Mastercard, and the Blue Cross Blue Shield will not contribute to the Republican legislators’ campaign. When Senator Marco Rubio (Republican) recently expressed his surprising support for forming a trade union at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama, he hinted: The catastrophic impact of megacorporations on SMEs. But most of Rubio’s firepower, by banning conservative books from the market, is what Amazon envisions as “a battle against working class values,” and what he claims to be “the citizens of the world.” It was reserved for the position. Presidential rival Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has also followed after “awakening” the company, but let’s push those criticisms into a conservative debate that power is generally bad. And said. In a tweet on Tuesday, Cruz declared: Big companies are bad. Big tech is bad. Big Hollywood is bad. Hurley, who is pushing to remove the 100-year-old antitrust exemption from MLB in response to Georgia’s decision, says that there is no support for Republicans to force businesses to pay high taxes. , They are not serious about making companies accountable. “I wouldn’t buy to support the Democratic policy agenda in order to seriously criticize American companies,” he said. Of course, progressives are deeply skeptical of this. “We’re a working family party,” can’t just be rhetorically said, “said Locanna (D-CA), a prestigious house-progressive co-chair of Sanders’ 2020 presidential election. It was. “What is the policy? What are the specific policies that the Republicans have passed over the last three decades that are directly related to the interests of working families and have increased the power of workers compared to the power of businesses?” Kanna completely rejected Harley’s point that it was more corporate. “I think we’re heading in the opposite direction,” he said. But for Warren, it all comes down to the problem of expanding sunlight between Republicans and businesses. It’s a tax-reduced Republican, but it’s not about something that is the basis of democracy, “Warren said. “So, in a way, when you ask me about a simple reorganization of politics, that’s not what it says to me. To me, this is bigger than politics, and of the enterprise. 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