According to police, an intruder armed with an AR-15 rifle apologized after invading to eat and bathe shrimp, leaving the homeowner $ 200.

  • Police said they left $ 200 as a “reimbursement” for breaking windows when an intruder broke into the house.

  • According to The Sante Fe New Mexican, the man drank beer, ate shrimp, and bathed on the grounds of New Mexico.

  • Homeowners said he was “very embarrassed and apologized” when they faced him, the report says.

A polite intruder has given the owner of a New Mexico home $ 200 as a “refund” for the windows he broke when he forced the invasion, according to a report from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office. Albuquerque Journal.

Police said the man was later identified as 34-year-old Teral Christeson, who slept, drank beer, ate shrimp, and bathed on the grounds of Santa Fe last Sunday morning.

When homeowners returned to the property in the afternoon, media outlets added, they found Christesson in their home with a duffel bag and an AR-15 scoped rifle.

Homeowners reportedly told police that they were “very embarrassed and apologized” when the suspected thief faced them.

Before Christesson surrendered the property, the Alberquerque Journal reported that he had placed $ 200 on a living room chair as a “refund for the windows he broke.”

After that, he picked up his gun and bag and left, the media said.

Santa Fe New Mexico reported finding Christeson after police responded to reports of a man trying to hijack a car near a fast-food restaurant on Monday. During his detention, he told investigators that he was “sick” about breaking his window, according to media outlets.

Christesson was imprisoned in a prison in Santa Fe County on charges of robbery, theft, and criminal damage to property related to Sunday’s invasion.

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