According to police, his parents were arrested after a broken leg at the age of six months.

According to police, Joshua Avila took her six-month-old baby to the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital after noticing the potential for “signs of behavioral change” and “brain injury.”

But what hospital workers found earlier this month was much more annoying.

The boy reportedly had three fractures on one leg and four fractures on the other, subarachnoid hemorrhage and retinal detachment.

Avila, 30, and her baby’s mother, Sheila Arauze, 28, were arrested and charged with neglecting a child with great physical harm on April 16.

Both have been imprisoned for $ 15,000 in public debt after appearing in court on April 17, according to court records. Their official appearance is scheduled for May 17th.

Gabriel Hawa, a lawyer representing Miami’s Arauzu and Avila, said his clients were “both loving parents.”

“They look forward to fighting the allegations in court,” he said.

Hawa added that the baby is in a hospital recovering from injury and the couple’s three-year-old son is taking care of his father’s grandfather.

According to police, Avila took the baby to the hospital around 11:00 pm on April 10.

“A child’s health examination revealed that the victim suffered extensive trauma indicating potential child abuse,” an official wrote in a report.

Then the child was inspected by members of University of Miami Child Protection Team, Pediatricians, nurses and other groups of professionals are tasked with assisting the Child and Family Affairs Department in assessing suspected cases of child abuse.

A Nicklaus spokeswoman said on Tuesday that the hospital “complies with the requirements established by Florida law for reporting confirmed or suspected child abuse / neglect.”

“We cannot comment on confidential matters such as reporting to the Child and Family Affairs Bureau (DCF) or law enforcement agencies,” the hospital said in an email. “Reports to the DCF or DCF hotline are confidential and protected. As a child advocate, our responsibility is to protect vulnerable patients / persons and to investigate and assess child abuse / neglect. It’s about respecting confidentiality. “

DCF did not respond to the request for information on Tuesday.

Police said both Avila and Arauzu “knew when the victim was injured.”

Defendants and co-defendants knew that the victim was injured and needed medical treatment, but could not act on behalf of the victim and seek medical assistance. “

Neither seemed to have been arrested, records showed.

After reading their rights, parents declined to comment, according to the report.

To report alleged child abuse in Florida, call 1-800-962-2873, Florida Relay 711, or TTY1-800-955-8771. You can also submit the report online.