According to police, shooting victims in the Fort Worth Como area is an almost innocent bystander.

Most of the people injured inside Taken in the Como district of western Fort Worth According to Fort Worth police, he was an innocent bystander who was injured when several people began shooting.

Eight were injured in a shooting on Horn Street early Sunday, just hours after hundreds of people gathered half a mile away for Independence Day on July 4.

As of Sunday afternoon, eight victims were in stable condition, police said. Another woman was injured when the driver hit a car trying to escape the shooting.

According to Fort Worth police, the shooting took place around 1:30 am after several adult men began quarreling at 3400 blocks on Horn Street. Several people have begun to shoot back. Detectives determined that several different guns were used because multiple cartridge cases were found in the area.

Police said the suspect had not been detained as of Sunday afternoon.

About half a mile away, tHis neighborhood First Como Fest on Saturday night.. Hundreds of people gathered for live music and other events during the family-friendly event from 4 pm to 10 pm. The July 4th parade is scheduled for Monday. The festival and parade organizers said they had coordinated with Fort Worth police to develop a security plan, and the parade will move forward.

Community leaders and residents said they said I didn’t believe the shooter was part of ComoFest. And they aren’t going to ruin the festival where the shooting was planned.

“We are praying for the victims and good people of the wonderful Como community,” Fort Worth police chief Neil Noakes said on Twitter.

“I am very proud of the FWPD officers who ran towards danger, secured the community and provided medical assistance to the victims,” Noakes said. “They saved lives! Let’s work together and stop this Meaningless gun violence.. “

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