According to police, the driver crashed into a tree, split the car in half, injured five and then died.

Broward’s driver, who died in a tree crash and split his car in half, caused multiple car accidents that injured five others on Tuesday night.

After 9 pm, a representative of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office was summoned to three car accidents at 2700 blocks in West Commercial Boulevard in Tamarack, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Traffic murder investigators say Nicholas Atkinson, 22, was slowing down the westbound lane of West Commercial Boulevard driving the white Ford Crown Victoria of West Commercial Boulevard. At some point, Atkinson lost control of the car and spun with a high median strip before hitting a tree.

Hitting the tree split Atkinson’s car in two, the detective said. The front half, with Atkinson still inside, was thrown onto the roof in the east-facing lane of West Commercial Boulevard, while the back half was perched on a tree.

At the same time, in the east-facing lane, 27-year-old Kevin Oband was driving the Chevrolet Suburban and 23-year-old Calvin Bentley was driving Buick.

When the front half of Atkinson’s car slipped, detectives say it collided with Bentley’s Buick and debris smashed it into a window on the driver’s side of Obando.

Atkinson was declared dead when the Tamarack Fire Rescue Team arrived at the crash site. Bentley was taken to Holy Cross Hospital with four other passengers and treated for minor injuries. They were released later.

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