According to police, the hiker died after hitting his head in the fall near Zion National Park.

A Hiker saw her friend According to officials, it will fall from a 20-foot fall near Zion National Park.

She tried to ease the hiker’s landing, but was injured in the process, the Kane County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Monday. When she checked her friend, she realized she needed to ask for help.

“She started a long process of hiking to get in touch with help,” the sheriff’s office said.

The agent met a friend and called a rescue team and helicopter crew to find the hiker’s body on Sunday.

Jeffrey Bowden, 55, a hiker from Cedar City, Utah, hit his head in the fall and died, officials said.

“The crew had to lower Bowden by one level to safely reach Bowden with a helicopter hoist device,” officials said.

Bowden and his friends were hiking in a popular remote area known as Fatman’s Misery, east of Zion National Park.

TheĀ· Canyon is narrow And arch. According to Canyoning USA, people have been lost in recent years due to the difficulty of navigating.

According to Canyoning USA, “Fatmans is a poster child for’Hiking with Rope’.” “This is a long hike with a handful of short lapels.”

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