According to police, the missing NFL player has never used his bank card or been seen in northern Texas.


former NFL defensive lineman Frank Cornish III remained missing According to Carrollton police, Monday, a few days after he was last seen leaving Carrollton’s house.

Officials said on Monday that there were no bank card activities, contacts, sightings or license plate hits.

Cornish, 77, was driving a white Ford F-150 with a temporary plate.

The Cornish was last seen at 4200 blocks on Carrollton’s Hunt Drive around 5:30 am on Friday. Carrollton police said on Twitter that they left home without a cell phone and the necessary oxygen. Carrollton is about 35 miles northeast of Fort Worth.

Cornish wore burgundy sweatpants, white / orange jerseys and house shoes.

He played in the Super Bowl VI with the Miami Dolphins.

His son Frank Cornish IV also played for the NFL, including the Dallas Cowboys, and died of heart disease at his home in Southlake in 2008 at the age of 40.

South Lake officials named the park after Cornish’s youth. Frankie Edgar Cornish IV ParkFor the aggressive lineman of the former Dallas Cowboys

Before Cornish died in 2008, South Lake Parks and RecreationAccording to his obituary, was a member of the city’s zoning committee and was active in the community. The park was named after him in 2006.

If you have information about Frank Cornish III, please call the police.