According to police, the teacher hid a condom in his shoes and met a two-year-old girl before going to the hotel.

A man advertised on Craigslist and was looking for someone to split the cost of a hotel room until the house was ready.

“Please refrain from weirdos and drugs,” writes a 39-year-old man with a 2-year-old daughter.

Immediately after posting on March 26, he received an answer from a man. The man was later identified by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office as Xavier Alexander, 27, a fourth-year teacher at Globe Park Elementary School in Palm Beach Gardens.

After a referral and discussion of hotel options, Alexander’s questions came in a worrying order, I read the arrest report.

“So, is it just you, me, and her? [the 2-year-old girl]?? “Alexander asked.

The father replied, “Yeah.”

“Will I be alone with your daughter again?”

The father replied “no”.

“Well, I think it brings good luck elsewhere.”

Confused about the question and what it meant, the man went to PBSO. According to the report, the detective took over the conversation and Alexander’s intentions were immediately revealed.

The detective has created a new fake term for the upcoming social gathering.

Alexander agreed to pay more to be alone with the toddler for a few days, saying, “I want to spend time alone with her,” and when he wears a condom no matter what he does. Added. ..

Even when the detective made Alexander believe that the toddler was ill and in the hospital, he still wanted to see her and kept sending messages over the days to check her.

After behind-the-scenes police work, including a subpoena on Alexander’s phone, the detective planned to meet him at Motel 6 in Lantana. Alexander then agreed to pay $ 200 for two nights at the hotel, reportedly.

Instead of meeting the man and his toddler, Alexander arrived on April 1st to find an agent waiting in room # 205.

The detective found a box of condoms and $ 200 in his car. A condom that was missing from the box was found in his shoes.

Alexander, who was promoting himself on babysitter websites, including, Arrested and charged I used a computer to seduce my child, traveled and met him. Records show that he was detained on a $ 1 million bond on Tuesday.

After being arrested, Alexander told his agent that he went to the hotel “in the hope of having an opportunity to have a sexual encounter with a two-year-old woman.”

The detective found a box of condoms and $ 200 in his car. A condom that was missing from the box was found in his shoes.

“He denies touching the child in a sexual way, but when he made the child a babysitter in the past, he was sexually sexually grabbing the genitals on his clothes and giving him a’wedgie’. I admitted that I was excited, “the investigator wrote in the report. ..

On, Alexander says he has been working with children for over 10 years at schools, the Ministry of Children and Kids Clubs. He was open to caring for children from 7 months to 7 years of age.

Those who believe that their child may be a victim of minor recruitment are advised to contact Detective Mallory Wildove (561-688-4079 or [email protected]). I will. People can also call the crime stopper at 1-800-458-8477.

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