According to police, the three shot the kitten and swept it down Broward Street to overrun it.

A Hollywood man shot an eight-month-old kitten with a rifle, and another man used a broom to swipe a barely moving kitten down the street, police reports in a surveillance video.

It didn’t happen, but the cat didn’t survive the June 19 trauma.

Last week, Lawrence Ivy, 38, and Jamarin Huntley, 25, were arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty. Huntley and his girlfriend, Walkencia Joazil, 25, were beaten for tampering with the evidence.

Ivey has been a guest at Broward County Jail since July 14th, booking two counts for selling cocaine within 1,000 feet of a school, nursery, or park. The new bill added an additional $ 15,000 to the $ 50,000 bond he hasn’t posted yet. Huntley and Joazile were released after issuing $ 3,500 and $ 1,000 bonds, respectively.

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Shoot the cat behind

On June 20, a maintenance worker caring for the 1950 Taft St. apartment, where Ivey and Joazile live, told real estate managers that the kitten had been shot. The property manager told the Hollywood police that the investigation began the next day. Meanwhile, the city’s head of animal care, Cindy Bates, took the kitten to the VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital.

Bates told Hollywood Debt. Gina Graziani said she saw “a kitten dragging her right leg and swelling in her lower body” when she arrived in the area.

Dr. Omar Carafe, a veterinarian at VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital, told researchers that radiographs “showed numerous pieces of metal that cause multiple spinal fractures.”

“Due to serious injury, Dr. Karaf thought the victim needed to be humanely euthanized.”

A maintenanceman who feeds stray cats and three kittens said Ivy said the kittens were attacked by dogs. But what happened to the cat, the maintenanceman said, didn’t seem to be suffering from the dog.

Graziani wrote in his arrest report that a 40-minute surveillance video showed the trio idling in front of Ivy’s apartment before heading to the area where the kittens were.

At around 12:31 am, Graziani wrote, “Walk towards the kitten and aim for a rifle with a scope and a flashlight.”

After Ivy shot the kitten, Graziani wrote, all three returned to Ivy’s apartment. They came back around 12:37 am. “Looking at where the kitten was, I saw the kitten and I was dragging my hind legs on the sidewalk.”

Joazile stood in front of the kitten until Huntley “walked with a broom and started sweeping the kitten towards the parking lot …. Huntley keeps sweeping the kitten from the parking lot to the street.”

As the car passed, Joazile said, “Run into the parking lot to see if the car ran over the kitten. Huntley also stepped into the street as the car retreated, with two subjects out of the car. It’s like getting off and observing what happened on the street.

“Huntley and Joazil seem to have deliberately left a kitten in the middle of the street and were hit by a car, but they failed.”

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