According to polls, only one in four people have approved the tracker convoy’s protests by the Liberal Party government.

According to a new survey, only one-quarter of respondents approve how the Liberal Government handled the truck convoy’s protests against the government’s COVID-19 obligations and restrictions.

Research, Release According to the Innovative Research Group on February 1, only 24% of respondents approve liberal responses to this issue, and 34% disapprove. The remaining 42% are neither approved nor disapproved, nor “don’t know.”

News of the protest convoy in Canada has captured national and international headlines over the past few weeks. The demonstration began as a protest against the federal government’s obligation for truck drivers to vaccinate the COVID-19 vaccine across the Canadian-US border. However, the movement grew as it attracted supporters who opposed the various COVID-19 obligations and restrictions imposed by the government.

The first convoy left the west coast on January 23, joined by other convoys from different parts of the country, and rallyed in Ottawa on January 29. ..

For the Conservatives, polls showed that only 12% approved their responses and 36% disapproved. The remaining 52% are neither approved nor disapproved, nor “don’t know.”

Truck driver protests in Canada have influenced other similar protests around the world, including Australia.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has dismissed the protesters as “fringe minorities” who have “unacceptable views.” However, polls conducted between January 27 and January 31 show that his views are against most of Canada.

According to polls, less than half (46 percent) of respondents oppose the protest.

According to polls, 31% of respondents said they supported the convoy’s protest, 18% said they did not support or oppose it, and another 5% said they did not know.

Among supporters, Alberta and Ontario have the highest support at 41% and 38%, while Atlantic Canada and BC have the lowest support at 16% and 24%, respectively.

Polls have shown relatively high support among Canadian Greens and People’s Party conservatives and supporters. According to polls, men generally have a 34% higher approval rating than females.

In addition, polls show that more than 60 percent of Canadians follow news of protests. Among the “very careful” people, support is highest at 50 percent. Only 14 percent supported protests for those who had never followed them.

Regarding the method of protest, 29% approved the method of protesting by the truck driver, and 44% disapproved. However, when compared to those who “paid very close attention” to the protest, nearly 47% approved the truck driver’s method, compared to 33% who opposed it.

A previous survey by Angus Reid, released on January 31, found that a majority of Canadians (54%) were in favor of lifting pandemic restrictions, and a similar poll conducted in January 2 weeks. The result is an increase of nearly 15%. Previously, it showed 40% approval.

The Innovative Research Group conducted an online survey using a randomized sample of 635 Canadians who are members of the National Survey Panel and additional respondents from Dynata, a leading provider of online samples. Margins cannot be calculated because the sample is one of the more representative types rather than a random probability base.

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.