According to scientists, there is a reason why aliens haven’t visited Earth yet.

Satellites on Earth-Michael Dunning / The Image Bank RF

Satellites on Earth-Michael Dunning / The Image Bank RF

Why Fermi paradox alien Despite the fact that the universe is very old and vast, races have evolved interstellar navigation and have never visited Earth, even though they were supposed to come to call.

Now the two scientists believe they may have the answer.

Dr. Michael Wong, an astrobiologist at the Carnegie Institute of Science in Washington, and Dr. Stuart Bartlett at the California Institute of Technology have hypothesized that if a civilization grows too large and technical, it will burn out.

Faced with an ever-growing population and spectacular energy consumption, the world faces a crisis known as “uniqueness,” and innovation can no longer keep up with demand.

The only alternative to collapse is a balance that can abandon “steady growth” and survive, but prevent society from moving further or adventuring far away from its own place in the universe. Is to adopt.

Write in Royal Society Open Science, Dr. Wong and Dr. Bartlett said: “We propose a new solution to the Fermi paradox. Civilization either collapses from burnout or is redirected to a priority of homeostasis.

“The consequences of either the awakening of homeostasis or the collapse of civilization will be consistent with the observed lack of civilization (the entire galaxy).”

Large civilization reaches crisis

Pair argues that the general principles of life are universal and that the appearance and evolution of life on other planets remains speculative, but it may be unavoidable.

Once on the road, life can follow a similar trajectory Civilization of the earthThey claim that they are technologies that require more and more energy to sustain growth and will eventually be organized into a globally connected state.

Experts show how large civilizations ultimately reach a crisis, using urban growth equations that limit how far society can grow.

This pair shows a similar “mini-awakening” on Earth that has prevented a global crisis, such as the escalation of weapons of mass destruction. Cold warAnd the ban on chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) for repairing holes in the ozone layer.

However, studies show that alien civilizations close to burnout may be the easiest to detect because they use energy in a “very sustainable way” that provides a good signal emanating from their world. there is.

“This shows that a significant number of human first detections of extraterrestrial life may be intelligent, though not yet wise,” they conclude.

Previous explanation

Earlier suggestions on why intelligent aliens have not yet visited Earth include the discovery of physical difficulties that make space travel infeasible, regardless of astronomy, biology, or engineering.

Some scientists suggest that if aliens have never chosen to visit us, or if we are unaware, they probably arrived before humans evolved.

It is possible that aliens have not yet reached us because advanced civilizations have occurred so recently and so far.

In 2015, scientists analyzing data from the Hubble and Kepler space telescopes concluded that about 92% of the potentially habitable world did not exist when the Earth was formed. Therefore, our solar system may simply be ahead of the game.