According to Tennessee police, a 13-year-old kid buys a car for $ 80 and then causes a deadly fast wreck.

A Tennessee woman was charged after a 13-year-old boy caused a fatal car accident while fleeing police.

Nashville police say Katrina Russell, 37, Sold Dodge Dart to teens, Driving a deadly wreck morning on March 5, she handed the key in exchange for $ 80, the boy told police.

According to police, the teenager was caught in a hit-and-run, passed through signal neglect, turned to avoid another vehicle, lost control of the car, and hit a Dodge Challenger in the O’Reilly auto parts parking lot. Among the Challengers was David Chisam, 71, who had just purchased from the store.

Police said Chee Sam died on the scene and the teen was taken to Vanderbild Children’s Hospital for a non-life-threatening injury. He was charged with murdering a vehicle for recklessness, among other crimes.

Initially, police did not know who owned the car the boy was driving. There were no reports of theft and police were unable to contact the owner.

Investigators eventually tracked Russell, who lived in the house being renovated. According to police, Russell did not have a home or legal address.

Police officers investigated the house according to “reports of people living there without permission.”

Russell answered the door to the police and was reportedly helping paint the house with a friend.

She was charged with murdering a vehicle for contributing to recklessness and juvenile delinquency. According to police, she was imprisoned with a $ 6,000 deposit.

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