According to Texas police, a skydiver crashes into the ground after a parachute breaks down during a tandem jump.

Texas police told media that two skydivers collided with the ground during a tandem jump after both the main and backup parachutes failed.

Jumpers for both skydiving instructors and clients, Survived autumn The seriously injured Waller County Sheriff’s Office told KVUE.

According to the outlet, the instructor was in a “very dangerous” condition when helicoptered to the hospital on Saturday, February 19.

Skydivers have landed in a residential area in the town of Waller, about 30 miles northeast of Houston.

Neighboring resident Alex Arias tells KPRC Primary shoot fails The secondary shoot is only partially deployed, causing the skydiver to plunge like a “cork bottle opener”.

He rushed to help the jumpers still clipped to each other, he told the outlet. The instructor was unconscious, but the client was awake.

“She was like,’Stop, stop, stop.’ Take him down from me. Stop.” And I said, “You’re okay, you’re okay.” And I was telling the other guy, “Get up, get up,” and he was out, “Arias said.

Jump The sheriff’s department told the Houston Chronicle that it was done through Skydive Houston in Waller.

McClutch News contacted Skydive Houston For comments.

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