According to the Air Force Command, Ukraine will receive 24 modern fighters

Yuri Inato

Yuri Inato

The F-16 Fighting Falcon, the U.S. multi-role fighter, is seen as a priority, Ihnat said. France’s Rafale and Sweden’s Gripen are also under consideration.

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But even if negotiations on the delivery of these jets were completed, Ihnat warned that Ukraine would not be able to use them on the battlefield for several months, as training pilots and technicians would take at least six months. .

US political news outlet Politico reported on January 26 that European countries were discussing the supply of fighter jets to Ukraine, but many NATO members expressed concern over Russia’s perception of “escalation”. expressed.

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US National Security Advisor John Feiner said Washington would discuss the idea “very carefully.” Meanwhile, commenting on the Ukrainian F-16, Deputy Pentagon Spokesperson Sabrina Singh said the United States “will continue to provide Ukraine with what?” It is necessary both in the short term and the long term. ”

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