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After 20 years of insult, Kwame Brown proved that revenge is best served in the fiery heat.

The former No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft has been ridiculed as a bust for years. In the hours of YouTube rants this week, he set a record for Kwame Brown’s straight talk with Kobe Bryant during his 2006 Lakers career. Photo: Andrew D Bernstein / NBAE / Getty Images There was NBA Kwame Brown in front of Ja Marcus Russell of the NFL. Like the previous Raiders quarterback, Brown was a top draft topic, and its swarm of physical gifts marked him as a kind of transformational player who came only once in a generation. But unlike Russell, who was initially a college star at LSU, Brown was still burdening him when he was a teenager. Brown made history as the first NBA player to graduate from high school when Michael Jordan’s Washington Wizards called in 2001. School players like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett, well, thought Brown was at least as good as Jermaine O’Neill and fellow McDonald’s All-American Tyson Chandler. When Brown turned out to be neither, he became a simple feed for the “all-time draft bust” Clickbait, the inspiration for this ur-Stephen A Smith rant, the debate to regain the NBA’s age limit. And 1000 Punchline Basketball Podcasts – Even safe spaces hosted by players like Showtime’s All The Smoke. In a recent episode, NBA tough guys Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson sat down with Gilbert Arenas. When asked about his time at the Washington Wizards, Arenas returned to his four seasons with Brown. And as much as Jordan tried to promote Brown as the best-ever potential No. 1 who had the misfortune of starting his career with the same team that chose to end him, the arena is Brown. I couldn’t resist calling him a “boy” and a “show”, giving Brown’s confidence a final blow and rubbing how he seized Wizards’ dominance. All the while, Burns and Jackson grinned together. But Brown didn’t have it, with a welcome twist. With his caricature action figure and the city key in the background, Brown blew the bong from his home, accessed YouTube and dropped him into the trio for over an hour. Throughout, 39-year-old Jackson has perpetuated the bust story by making fake gangsters become fake social justice warriors, Burns becoming tragic mulatto, and Arenas becoming poor Wizards teammates. Effectively labeled Tom. Brown further recommended that the podcast try to discuss the bigger issue rather than rehashing his career. Of course, Burns and Jackson have doubled. At ESPN’s The Jump, Burns disguised himself as a surprise. “I know where he came from,” he said. “He was a kind of joke butt, he couldn’t join the league and meet his No. 1 potential. If you want to get angry with someone, get angry with MJ and get No. 1. Choose. ”On Instagram, Jackson didn’t repent. “Your entire career is dirty, your whole life is dirty, and it’s not my job to pour more dirt on you,” he said. At the time of writing, Brown’s answer was more than four hours old, effectively saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, don’t name your podcast All The Smoke.” It seems. Enough to wonder you: Where has this guy been all the time? Even after plunging into the Georgia Glynn Academy scene, Brown remained vigilant against the basketball media still feasting on everything in Jordan-and of course. We tasted Jordan dismissing Brown’s hands too small for a 7-foot frame and cooked a meal from him who allegedly turned Brown into tears in practice-and the pinbone reported by Jordan. A salmon fillet that gently set aside the part about the use of homophobic slurs like. While working as an analyst in the 2017 draft coverage, Brown tried to revise the record by saying, “Michael has never shed me in tears.” But the rejoiners were too late to survive the noisy and gratifying critics like Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith. Tired of 20 years of contempt, Brown challenged “mutual combat.” But the internet has leveled the competition, and Brown is finally happy to turn it up. When he wasn’t fighting back against established media critics, he unveiled interesting ideas, such as the impact of LeBron James’ activities on lesser-known players (“10 days in need of all this money”). Imagine a man on a contract …. I don’t agree with Lebron … “); Or, associate the difficulty of navigating healthcare after the NBA’s career ends. This is an important point lost in the shootout between him, Burns, Jackson and the arena. Again, where was this guy? And what about him to make such a handy punching bag? After all, it’s hard to say that Brown was a perfect bust. JaMarcus Russell ran out of the NFL and lost his job three years later. Brown was hanging around the NBA for 13 seasons. He started almost half of his 625 career games, averaging 22 minutes in the regular season. He traded three times and earned over $ 63 million in career income. A product of a broken family, overcoming the homeless, taking advantage of a free lunch program, dressed in a caption, can’t afford to buy shoes big enough for your feet, Amado for a kid called in from town Brown, who has been notorious for the murder scene of Arbury, looks more like a great American success story than another caption entry for a previous bust slideshow. (Brown can’t say his life will be a movie someday …) Even Lenny Cooke – a phenomenon that was once the most acclaimed prospect in a high school cohort, including James, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade. Amare Staudemia – You have to suffer from a grinning hoop head to rehash his Icarus-like fall. Where Cook is seen as a sympathetic figure, Brown draws nothing but anger. If, like Cook, he didn’t make the NBA at all, things would probably be different. Choosing No. 1 from the equation, Brown upgraded the majority of the tall and stiff forward centers that came before him. If Wizards liked him better than Tyson Chandler (second overall), Pau Gasol (third), or Tony Parker (28th), he couldn’t help it. Moreover, Brown didn’t seem to be in a post-play quest to rewrite the distorted and popular story about him. When Burns and Jackson came for him, he was concerned about his own business. Well, I’m not saying anything that Brown didn’t say for himself. And not all of his counterattacks were within range. n In addition to bombs and other explosive insults, his winding rants do not suppress explosives and casual misogyny. But if you can put up with it, you’ll love it when you win partial credits in the 81-point game in Kobe in 2006. Brown, a “dirty work” player over service, firmly believes that Kobe couldn’t post those numbers if Brown hadn’t set up a hard screen for his teammates. Media player beef is a dime. Burns, Jackson, and Arena-the instigator to the end-have been all-stars for many years when it comes to stirring pots. But believe that there is a good reason. Brown was a sleeping giant who should have been awakened long ago. And now that he has finally caught our attention, I hope that another 20 years will not pass before the true narrator of this Brobdingnag thinks of silence again.

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