According to the Arizona family, his father died in a dispute over his salary. “He made us complete”

Darius Swayder died in an altercation with an employee at his Phoenix business over a paycheck, Arizona State Police told news outlets.

David Gordon Sr., 51, told police on November 2 that he shot his 47-year-old boss. twice on the head Outside the apartment complex, the AZ family reported. He faces charges including second-degree murder.

Swiader’s two daughters and ex-wife are now grieving.

“why Must you? asked his ex-wife, Janelle Swayder, according to KNXV.

“We made him whole. He made us whole,” 13-year-old daughter Zofia Swayder told the station. I still email him every day.”

Officers found Swayder dead in his pickup truck in the parking lot of his apartment complex when he went to see Gordon to settle a dispute over his salary, police told AZ Family.

Security camera footage showed the two men talking before Swiader returned to the truck and Gordon shot him, police said. Gordon told police that Swayder threatened to kill him, but police say the video doesn’t back it up.

“he had lifetime Amelia Uroblevsky told KSAZ about her uncle.

According to the bureau, Gordon is being held on a $250,000 cash bond.

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