According to the FBI’s affidavit, QAnon’s followers who rushed into the Capitol believed they had attacked the White House.

Signs of Parliament Riot Trump

Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as people attempt to attack the U.S. Capitol on January 6 Brent Stirton / Getty Images

  • An affidavit said a Florida man who attacked the Capitol confused the White House building.

  • On January 6th, Kenneth Kelly sent two text messages calling the Houses of Parliament the “White House.”

  • According to relatives, Kelly had an extreme political view and was a believer in QAnon.

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Florida man Attacked the Parliament building on January 6 According to text messages to relatives, it was repeatedly called the “White House.” Affidavit By an unnamed FBI Special Investigator.

Kenneth Kelly, 58, from Okara, Florida, I broke the window of the Parliament building On January 6, the affidavit alleges.

According to a relative identified only as “W-1” in the affidavit, Kelly sent a text message that day with an image showing that he was standing in what appeared to be the Capitol.

“I’m inside the White House with a broken window,” Kelly allegedly wrote in the text. “Today, I watered the Freedom Tree!”

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Relatives also claimed that Kelly drove Washington DC from my home in FloridaAccording to the affidavit, “I know enough that they were trying to break in.”

Kelly also reportedly sent another photo identified as “W-2” to another witness.

“The patriots have regained our capital today,” he added.

Screenshots of the text message can be found in the affidavit Here..

According to his relatives, Kelly is a Trump supporter with an “extreme political view.” QAnon Conspiracy Theory To them a few months before the riot.

A federal agent said a surveillance video from inside the Capitol building was able to identify Kelly wearing dark blue beans labeled “Trump.”

A 58-year-old woman moved to Friday and was guilty of chaotic behavior in restricted buildings, deliberate access to restricted buildings, and violent access and chaotic behavior on the premises of the Capitol. Facing Orlando Sentinel reported.

To date, more than 430 people have been prosecuted in connection with the riots. According to insider trackers.

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