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Maxine Waters says Republicans will not be “bullied” over Chauvin’s remarks

The judge said Waters’ comments could provide a basis for the appeal. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy said he would introduce a resolution criticizing Waters for what he called “dangerous comments.” Photo: Dominique Sokotov / Zuma / Rex / Shutterstock Appeals after Republicans accuse Maxine Waters of commenting on Derek Chauvin’s murder trial and launch a long-term attempt to expel him from Congress Remained a veteran California progressive rebellion, stating that it could provide a basis for. “I’m not worried that they will continue to distort what I say,” Waters, 82, told Griot. “This is their appearance, this is their behavior, and I will not be bullied by them.” African-American Waters has been in Congress since 1991. She has a long record of confrontation between the civil rights movement and her candid political opponents, and has earned the nickname Kerosene Maxine in some areas. A long-time favorite target of the Republican Party, she gathered such intense anger in 2018 when Trump’s aides and officials said they had to confront the public. Last week, she told Republican Rep. Jim Jordan “close your mouth” at a hearing with Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House’s chief medical adviser. She spoke to the media on Saturday during a protest at the Brooklyn Center on the outskirts of Minneapolis, and police shot dead a 20-year-old black man, Daunte Wright, earlier this month. Former police officer Chauvin has been tried in the city for murder after being allegedly killed by kneeling George Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes last May. City tensions are high as the world awaits a verdict. Waters said he wanted Chauvin to be found “guilty, guilty, guilty.” When Chauvin was acquitted, she said: We need more conflict. You need to make sure they know what we mean by business. Republicans quickly criticized Waters and accused her of inciting violence. Democrats have accused Donald Trump of going before the January 6 riots in the Capitol. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy voted against Trump’s impeachment and five deaths in a parliamentary attack, but saw Waters as a “dangerous comment” on Monday. He said he would introduce a resolution condemning what he did. “This weekend in Minnesota, Maxine Waters broke the law in violation of the curfew and then instigated violence,” McCarthy tweeted. In a Republican coordinated attack, Florida Congressman Maria Elvira Salazar said Waters “has a long history of helping dictators to incite anxiety and use violence to get what they want.” Stated. Texas representative August Pfruger called her rhetoric “outrageously shameful.” Far-right Georgia Republican and conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene, who supports the execution of prominent Democrats and FBI agents, seeks to expel Waters, which she called “danger to our society.” Said. Green claimed that Waters “instigated a domestic terrorist in Black Lives Matter” after a shooting that injured two Minnesota National Guards. The Chauvin trial is at the heart of a national dialogue. On Tuesday, Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, told NBC that he had received a call from Joe Biden. The president said: He knows what it means to lose a family. And because he knows what we are experiencing, he let us know that he is praying for us and hoped that everything would work. Waters’ words were raised in a Minneapolis court on Monday when defendant lawyers moved for illegal trials on their behalf. Judge Peter Carhill denied the allegation, but Waters complained, saying he was “rude to the rule of law and the judiciary.” Kay Hill also told the defense: But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended Waters, saying he didn’t have to apologize. “Maxin talked about’conflict’in the way of the civil rights movement,” Pelosi said.