According to TikToker, who shot it, a tour of a two-bedroom New York apartment for $ 12,000 a month shocked viewers.


Screenshots of bed and bathroom in $ 12,000 apartment and photo of Stephanie Leigh

The apartment tour video has 6 million TikTok views.Stephanie Lee

  • Stephanie Leigh recorded a New York City apartment search on TikTok.

  • One video showing the two apartments she said she would cost $ 8,000 and $ 12,000 a month became viral.

  • Lee said viewers were shocked by how small the apartment was, despite the high price.

TikToker’s video showing the interior of an apartment in New York, where she said she could rent for $ 12,000 a month, became viral because viewers said they were shocked. Soaring rent In the city.

Stephanie Lee, a full-time content creator, usually offers fashion and lifestyle content. Ticktaku, YouTubeWhen InstagramSaid that he decided to move from his apartment in the Flatiron District of Manhattan at the end of May.

She filmed the tour and shared her views with TikTok viewers while looking at the various apartments in the city.

On June 3rd, Leigh, with 47,000 TikTok followers, Post The tours of the two apartments she said cost $ 8,000 and $ 12,000 per month, respectively. Her videos are usually only played thousands of times, but apartment tours have exploded and are now played 6 million times.

The videoThe on-screen caption that says “COMEAP THUNTING WITH ME IN NYC” indicated that TikToker had two bedrooms and was filming each of the two apartments with little furniture.

She shot a small kitchen area in one of the video apartments and said, “This is listed as $ 8,000, which is ridiculous. That is, a nice apartment, but not so nice.” I am saying. She was listed for $ 12,000 when she filmed the master bathroom in the apartment she said, she felt it was good, but she said the price was “not worth it” ..

A screenshot of the kitchen in a $ 8,000 apartment shows the area of ​​the sink and stove.

Screenshot of kitchen in $ 8,000 apartmentStephanie Leigh via TikTok

28-year-old TikToker told Insider that he had lived in Manhattan for eight years and found that the list of many apartments was unusually expensive while searching. In March, insiders reported that rents in New York were rising rapidly. As the market recovers from the pandemic. According to brokerage firm Douglas Elliman, New York’s average rent in May was $ 4,000, the highest median rent ever recorded in New York. The New York Times reported..

Lee told insiders that the highs in the area “shocked” people and believed the video was viral.

“I was” surprised “by the popularity of this video,” said the content creator. “Every time I moved to an apartment, I shared the process of finding an apartment. No other video was as noticeable.”

Many commented on how expensive an apartment was under the video, with 12,000 likes saying “New York is literally not worth the price.”

Other commenters pointed out that despite the high asking price, there was garbage on the floor of the video and one of the apartments seemed unattractive. “For $ 8,000 a month, I couldn’t even clean the floor,” said one of the top comments with 89,000 likes.

Lee said in her video that she aims to provide a “realistic” perspective on finding an apartment. This showed a flaw and included her honest opinion on the list.

“I’m not a real estate broker trying to rent or sell these apartments. I’m an ordinary girl trying to rent an apartment. I’m just showing what I’m seeing,” she said. Said.

Lee posted series of video In May and early June, share her thoughts on potential apartments with viewers. She told insiders that she had found her new apartment in Lower Manhattan and told her viewers that her “hunting was over.” video Uploaded on June 8th.

Lee told insiders that he plans to post lifestyle content about moving to a new apartment. For example, she shows the viewer how she decorates the apartment.

Overall, Lee considers her content niche to be popular with viewers because it’s “fun” for viewers to get a glimpse of their life.

“People love to see a day in the life of a girl living in New York. I think it’s fun to see what it’s like to live in the city,” she said.

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