According to YouTube, Bill can cover user-generated content, despite the minister’s guarantee.

According to YouTube, user-generated content such as cooking videos made in people’s kitchens may be regulated by online streaming legislation, despite the Minister of Heritage’s guarantee that this will not happen.

Speaking publicly for the first time about Bill C-11, Jeanette Patel, head of government affairs for YouTube Canada, says the bill’s wording gives broadcast regulators the scope to oversee home videos.

She told Ottawa’s National Cultural Summit that the text of the bill was inconsistent with Minister Pablo Rodriguez’s official guarantee that it did not cover user-generated content such as cat videos.

YouTube acknowledges that full-length professional music videos are within the scope of the bill, but hopes that the bill’s legal documents will accurately reflect the minister’s claim that amateur videos are exempt. I’m out.

A spokesman for the minister said the government made it very clear that user-generated content was not included in the bill, and the text reflects that.

The bill will allow online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube to promote a certain amount of Canadian content and give broadcast regulators broader authority than digital platforms.

Marie Woolf

Canadian press